This american elementary school head coach is as I thought a true "rookie"...I was so wrong when I gave him a little room after the last game...he has no guts to sit a starting quarterback so he can focus on the defense and send in a running threat like Porter for a few possessions and then send him back in. I was pleased with the defense because they keep them in the game but I would have gave up because of the "no-arm quarterback" and no razzle-dazzle....trying to look like the old-fashion NFL where 12 points is enough to win...and what's with 3rd and a yard for first down and down 7 points in their end...are you nuts you fool??? I give up...come on Mr. Young...please

I appreciate your tremendois generosity and dedication
To the memory of what was once a great football dynasty
But these players aren't up to it...and if you haven't noticed. Your coach is taking
You to the cleaners

A full page apology lo the
Spec might do

Better still convert the stadium to a velodrome at least going in circles will be an improvement on what this does


Ps. Have you noticed hardly anyone is posting...kinda tells Lyon something about the fans feelings doesn't it??