Boy this MNF Manning thing

This is beyond terrible it is unreal

I might agree, if I had any idea of what you speak????

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Sorry…Monday night football. They have the Manning brothers talking non stop. They are on screen more than the game.

Payton I could listen to, the other one, naaaah

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yeah, him too

You should've saw the ESPN College game against Washington and Michigan when they had John Harbaugh hyping up the Monday Night game. It was a interview that was phoned in with a terrible cell audio. McDonaugh and Harbaugh talking during the play taking away the kids that putting on a show. Whoever that thought that was a great idea should be drawn and quartered

I don't know....I actually liked it.

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You can elect to watch the regular broadcast instead, which has been terrible ever since Al Michaels left for NBC.

I have the opposite opinion. It was great when Russell Wilson was in for the fourth quarter too.

I’m going to try it again tomorrow night.

Manning family has just their own charm that no one else can replicate :slightly_smiling_face: