BOY, OH, BOY: Another baby since we last saw Redblacks receiver R.J. Harris,


Notice R.J. was placed on the one game injured list. Not the guy I expected to get moved. Justin Hardy on the roster instead. Assume Darvin Adams is healthy.

Behar, Levi Noel, and Shaq Johnson are a decent National receiving group.

Wish William Powell was playing but we'll see. +9.5 is a nice head start for the gamblers.


Quote from the Ottawa Sun:

It was a busy off-season for Harris, who bought a house and now has a son — Ryan, who is five months old. Harris and his partner Tiffany also have two daughters — Malani and Marleigh.

“I can’t go home in the off-season anymore, anytime I go home there’s another baby,” said Harris with a laugh.

As long as the baby doesn't look too much like the TV repair guy it's all good. Congrats to R. J. Harris!