Boy. Mention one little idea for benefiting the league

and sports media and social media go crazy over it. Good for the CFL?

How about some other headings.

CFL and AFL in talks about learning from each others off field strengths.

AFL and CFL in mutual envy situations.

RA says he likes the AFL game. (uh oh, CFL is doomed now)

and the responses will be like the following assumptions

AFL and CFL merging

AFL buying CFL

CFL buying AFL

CFL moving to Australia

AFL moving to Canada

Fact: Dwayne seen at AFL game.

Conclusion: The Rock wants to buy/merge with AFL

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Fact: A Cardboard Cutout Rock was seen sitting next to a Cardboard Queen Elizabeth during a Sunday Night NFL game. Is the Rock going to buy a NFL with Jeff Bezos? LOL!

This is blown out of proportion. The CFL and the XFL will negotiate lesser deals like player contracts, sharing referees, officiating crews, coaches, etc.

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I could see that as more realistic than what been said.

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It’s too early to assume anything...expansion into the states was a failure. ( with Baltimore being the exception) If something drastic needs to happen to save our league, all options should be considered...unless it would involve changing to a four down American style game. This is all conjecture, ifs ands and buts anyhow.

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Free Beer Night


Count me in.

Actually enjoying my light orange beer and watching March Madness.

Who's your favorite to win.

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Ah well I lost interest in college basketball a few years ago due to lame coverage after the local side Villanova won, and it was about the same for college football for other reasons. 1 and done was always a dumb rule via the NBA too. I wish you asked me like 5 years ago, but it is what it is.

Enjoy no doubt because it's the first time in two years, and I heard already that 15-seed Oral Roberts beat 2-seed Ohio State and whenever Ohio State loses or or negatively afflicted is a great day for our country.

I am trying to follow only because of the Canadian players in the tournament.

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