Boy Did I Luck Out

Today I was at work when I heard on the radio that they had several pairs of Lion's tickets to give away. Every 1/2 hour or so they'd ask for a certain caller number and I just missed each and every time. Since I was working, I got busy at one point and was unsure if all the tickets were gone, so I called in to check.

Although the contest was over, the guy at the station obviously recognized my voice as the same caller who'd just missed out each time. He then went above and beyond and said he'd round up some tickets for me anyhow.

He certainly did at that!!....were we ever surprised to find that our seats were "Premium" seats...right smack dab behind the Lion's bench on the 50 yard line!

And, to top it all off, we made friends with the people sitting beside us, who turned out to be the Buono family. What a nice bunch they were...we had a fantastic timel! Thanks to The Team 1040 for a wonderful night out.

And way to go we're rolling.

That's fantastic. Good for you! :thup:

what a great storey well i hope you can make it for the next edomonton game were these games are going to be huge against how tight the west is going to be all year, infact i think this is the most competive western division has been in is going to be excititng.

Great story and great seats!

Nice to see a loyal Lions fan rewarded.