Boxing Tyson Fury

Finished watching the fight with Wilder .

Wow what entertainment . Haven't enjoyed a fight for awhile like that .

The man has great character and someone to root for like big George Forman .

Very humble persona despite the WWE type Gypsy King walk in with Patsy Cline song to start the fight .

Just a great come back story and interesting character all round .
Battling depression , alcoholism and way out of shape he battled back to to be on top of the world .

Too long of a story to detail his background but the Irish Traveler is one of the more interesting athletes today .

Would like to see him fight for the reunification title .

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John Fury the father of Tyson Fury is an old soul .

Type of guy that I can relate to especially when he uses certain expressions .

He must have some good war stories when he boxed bare knuckle .

Rematch with Wilder set for July 18. Part III

It's been a while since the heavyweight division got anything close to mainstream attention. I'm sure it will be a nice payday for many.

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It is Kinda of that old fashioned feel good story we tend to like . Rocky maybe ?

The singing at the end of the match in the ring is priceless .

Maybe it's American Pie he sang that got to me but the son of the gun is one likeable guy .

Drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry ........