Boxing Matches before Ticats/ Argos Game

Mentioned this in the "Outnumber Argo Fans" thread, but thought it was worth a topic of its own.
Boxing Ontario is hosting matches outside Skydome prior to the big game tomorrow night. Here's what I nabbed from Twitter:

"Boxing matches, Gate 11 at the Rogers Centre - Friday September 11. FREE! Also selling cheap tickets to the Argos game vs. Hamilton!"
Would be awesome if some of you guys stopped by and helped us cheer on a couple Hamilton guys...pretty sure there's two from our club boxing. I don't have the fight line-up, but I believe my sparring partner is 3rd or 4th on the bill. A damn good fighter -- taking on a guy from Oshawa. Should be goodie.

If you at all like the sport, I don't think you'll be disappointed. And the price is right!!

Go McGrory's Boxing Club!! Go Tabbies!! Eat 'em Raw.

See everyone tomorrow night. Let's bring it!

...and rumours starting this might be called off due to people in Toronto being frightened by 40-50% chance of some rain. Guess they don't want their cashmere getting damp.

Man that city is soft.

lol regardless of the spectators, I wouldnt think it would be too safe for the boxers to be boxing in the rain.... the canvas mat and boxing shoes arent exactly known for their traction.

I totally agree. But are we even talking about 50% chance?
Anyway...I'm just bummed -- kinda sucks after taking a pounding over the last handful of weeks getting our guy tuned up for this one only to have it cancelled. For some reason, my ribs seem to be more sore after I heard of the cancellation! LOL! But yeah, I've seen an injury or two caused by wet'd just think there's away around if it looks at all like rain, tarped the ring and have a 10 minute rain delay.

Ahh well. If you schedule anything on a weekend this summer, you have to expect rain.