Box Office Tickets

I am a Hamiltonian by birth but I live out of town now. I will be coming to the Sept.6 game against the Lions. I usually come to at least one game per year. I don't know how many of my buddies wil be going so I don't want to purchase the tickets beforehand and get stuck with some tickets if some guys don't show up. We'll probably just get endzone seats. So, I was thinking of purchasing the tickets at the box office but I have a few questions:

  1. Are there usually tickets availiable at the box office the day of the game if it is a Saturday game?

  2. What time should we get to the box office if it is a 4:00pm game to make sure we get tickets?

  3. If we show up a couple of hours early to buy the tickets is there any tailgating that goes on outside the stadium? Or, where should we go for a beer before and after the game?

Thanks for the help.

1.Unless there is a big on-field improvement, there will likely be lots of tickets at the Box Office on game day. Only 20000-21000 attendance so far. Also scalpers may be selling at less than face.

  1. I'm not sure how early you need to get there to buy tickets. Some non-season ticket holder would have a better feel for that.

  2. There is tailgaiting in Lot J (Scott Park High School yard) starting several hours before game time.

Thanks Dusty, I appreciate it.

Anyone else?

I highly doubt you'll have any difficulty getting seats at the box office. You might want to get there a little early just to beat the walk up crowd (if there is one).

You can get seats anywhere, and it make it to your seat on time, if you show up about 15-20 minutes before kickoff.

Thanks borehamgirl and andkon.

Anybody else?

I highly suggest you bring ear plugs.

And a blindfold.

Took my son to his first game last Friday. Got there ten minutes late still got tickets for end zone at box office.

And you may want to check blinfolds and earplugs could be prohibited items.


Could someone from the organization please explain exactly why I have to physically go to a ticket outlet, the box office, or ticket master to get a ticket - this just seems soooooo 1995.

I mean come on Bob - it 2008 - I can buy plane tickets online. I can buy concert tickets online. I can buy movie tickets online. But - alas no - I can't buy Tiger Cat tickets online - I have to physically go to a store and pick them up. Seriously - this is a major PITA factor that I am sure given the choice (and I have made this choice myself on a few occasions) hustling home from work trying to make a 7:00 kick off and considering if I should waste the half hour it will take to physically go buy tickets (or wait in line for them at the box office or roll call) when I should be able to just buy them online in 5 seconds.

Someone please explain.

As you said yourself, Ticat home game tickets are available from Ticketmaster.

I've bought print-at-home tickets from for Ticat games in previous years, though they nail you with some extra fees. Did they take away that option? Is your issue with the added fees from Ticketmaster, or the fact the Ticats have only made the option available through a third party?

I was late for the game and wanting to sit in section 6 coming from the west end. We parked and headed to beechwood and could have went all the way along to balsam ave to the ticket office or buy from scalpers and enter at beechwood where we wanted to be anyways. I really think that a box office should be open at every gate. I detest buying from scalpers and having to go almost all the way around the stadium to get to the box office sorta sucked. Especially when we passed a closed box office that used to be open in years gone by. The scalpers are at every gate but only a box office on balsam? it encourages it especially if you are running late. I think all three gates on the streets should have a ticket seller. It does matter if it means you might miss the kickoff.

Next they'll be prying our eyes open "A Clockwork Orange" style. :wink:

Though a rational observer might suggest that those of us who continue to attend games must have been brainwashed and/or lost our free will...

I'm positive i saw someone with Ticketmaster print at home tickets at the last game.

If I'm only going to one game per year,why not spend a couple dollars more and sit in some better seats?May I suggest sections 5 or 9 ($35) for the day of the game.OR,section 22($25-seats,specify seats with backs)puts you in the lower level,corner,a little better than end zone seats.You can order these ahead of time,eg.,If you order 6 tickets,and only 5 guys want to go,its only $30 apiece and more elbow room,still affordable. Anyway,I hope we have helped,ENJOY THE GAME.

you could get a flex pack and the use the other unused tickets for another game. I'm in the process of doing that because i'm in the same boat as you

Anybody know what time the stadium/gates would open up for the 4:00pm game on Saturday, September 6th?

In other words, what’s the earliest you can get into the stadium?

probably 2:30