BOX J Row 5 Seat me please!

I will cut to the chase. I bought a single ticket for the game on Sunday. It is a single because my wife has to work and cannot go. Now, due to unforseen circumstances I cannot attend the game--I can't go to Hamilton.

I would like suggestions as to what to do with my ticket. I want to give it to someone who would really like to go to the game--on me. I am not trying to sell it. I just want someone sitting in that seat for the game.

What would you do with a ticket? I am going to Hamilton on Saturday (that I can do). There are a couple of places I want to go to but more than anything I want to give that ticket away to someone who really wants it.

Any suggestions? Please--serious answers. I do not want this ticket wasted. Funny thing...when I got home after buying my ticket I got a certain phone call about an important family matter and I knew at that point that I had to miss the game. I will keep the matter confidential but suffice it to say I immediately wondered what to do about the seat.

BOX J, row 5, seat 47.

What should I do?

Michael...I will check for any response(s) later tonight. Thanks for considering my request.

I would sugggest a call to the Canadian army to give the ticket to a wounded soldier, just a thought.

Good Idea..

does he have to be wounded...

yes great idea! Or i noticed in your sig youre a cancer survivor, take a trip down to sick kids (I know physically some might not be able enough) but it might not hurt to ask around and see if one of the kids could use it

Or since it is a single, and that many of these kids are younger/unable to travel - maybe for one of the fathers/mothers/siblings to give them a chance to take a break for a short time - it can be extremely stressful dealing with those types of medical issues.

Good idea to give to a parent at Mac but they would feel guilty leaving. I have been there with a sick child at Mac.
You want great intentions but its tough being a single ticket. Maybe if you have a chance go down to the pep rally tomorrow and donate it to chml and they will add it to their draw. OR GIVE IT TO ME.

So what happened with the ticket?

I am currently ill. My blood pressure is soaring and causing me some grief and my sinuses are tormenting me. If I am well enough to travel I will scoot into Hamilton tomorrow. If not, I will have to console myself with the fact that I tried to support the team by buying a ticket to the play-off game.

Unloading a single ticket is not as easy as giving away a pair, for example. I fully expected to be in attendance at the game. It is a disappointment but things do not always go the way we think that they should.

Anyway, if you are going to the game make some noise for me. I will miss the excitement of being with everyone at Ivor Wynne cheering on the Tiger-Cats. I know that it is going to be a blast!

Take care everyone. Have a great time!

Oskie wee wee
Oskie waa waa
Holy Mackinaw
Tiger-Cats, eat 'em raw!!

With warm regards

You could call the ticket reps and see if the people on either side of you could use an extra as well.

Just another idea.

Hope you feel better soon.

I'll be yelling for you.

NIce of you to try. Feel better soon.

Hi everybody! Warm greetings from our house to yours!!

I am happy to report that even though I was still in pain and feeling lousy this morning I did eventually get better to the point where I managed to make the trip to the Hammer--just in time to see Santa! (I didn't know he was coming to town--if I had had a chance to chat with him I would have told him that the Tiger- Cats don't need a gift from him--they are going to win this thing on their own, thank you very much!)

Anyway, I walked up Main and headed to the radio station--900 AM. I had planned on giving my ticket to them with the request that they give it away to someone who would like a single ticket. However, on the way there I stopped into the Canadian Bible Society store and got to talking to one of the staffers. I assume he was a student at the university. He told me that his housemate, probably another student there-- was a HUGE football fan, did not have a ticket and would definitely go to the game--he loves the Tiger-Cats. I knew right then that I had the right person for my ticket. I gave it to the young man who was going to give it to his friend. I was so happy and relieved to know that a real Tiger-Cat fan would be sitting there cheering on the team to victory.

Although I am disappointed to miss the game in person it gives me a real lift to know that someone else is going to have a great afternoon at the stadium. I realize that you really do not know me from a hole in the ground but if you did you would know why I am excited to send someone else to the game for free. I am a giver in the sense that if I had the choice between giving a gift and receiving one I will give every time--I just love it! So despite the disappointment of missing the game at Ivor Wynne I am still a happy camper--that is just me.

The fellow going to the game--his name is David. So if you are sitting anywhere near David say hi to him for me, okay? We are total strangers yet there is a kinship here--we are in this together! I have no idea who he is but one thing I do know--we have one thing in common--we want the Tiger-Cats to continue on their quest for the Grey Cup.

Oskee wee wee!
Oskie waa waa!
Holy Mackinaw!
Tiger-Cats, eat 'em raw!


Have fun everyone! Cheer your hearts out for our boys!

With fondness from the Lake Simcoe area,
Michael Jay

P.S.: Thank you for the wonderful suggestions--they were all good. Also thanks for the wishes concerning my health--much appreciated!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your ticket with David and your story with us, and best of health to you.

(maybe we're related, come to think of it :wink: :wink: :wink:


This one hurts "bro"...tough loss.

Have a great Christmas PJAY. Save me some mincemeat pie if I don't make it home, okay? :smiley:

Seriously PJAY, all my best to you and yours.

Michael Jay