Box J Boys

Just watching the CBC, and the Box J Boys are on Peter Jordan's Grey Cup Adventure.

Looking good guys!!!

Peter Jordan also mentioned that they couldn't make breakfast the next morning after the big party. Sounds like the kool-aid in Winnipeg was a bit too strong for them. :lol:

Far be it from me to post in this thread, but I was just reading the Globe on line and found an article about me.

There's always next year.

Box j boys are the Frank D’Angelo of the Ticats. Self promoters!.I wonder if any have been arrested in the Peg for public indecency! Hopefully they have porta potties.

The Box J Boys have been very visable throughout the Grey Cup festivities and especially so at TigerTown. They have been spreading the Hamilton Hospitality and have been very well behaved, as usual.

It's great to have them be a part of the Grey Cup fun.

Cheers from Winnipeg,


I always found the "J Boys" to be the life if the party, very cordial, fun loving and willing to share....

They always arrive at their destination fully equipped and aren't a burden to anyone......and when I say they come prepared, I really mean it! :wink:

here's some of their supplies they took: :lol:

lmao!.....seriously, I sooooooo wish I was there ! :rockin: