Box J Boys Thank You

Hi, My name is Dawn and I'm Rusty25's (Ryan's) girlfriend. Although I might not be a football sports fan, but I'm with a wonderful man who is truly dedicated to his team. He even has plates that read, "12TC34" and we live in Windsor! Each game is watched and always rooted for.

I'm writing in sincere appreciation from the bottom of my heart. You guys have all been so great to Ryan over the past year. We've come out to support the team, have tailgated with the Box J Boys and stayed dedicated OUR team.

As some of you are aware, Ryan starts his new embarkment to a wonderful career with the Canadian Armed Forces as of August 27th, 2007, he starts Basic Training. He has been given great advice and gained great friendship within your group. He was given a T-Shirt (which he wears so proud) by the Box J Boys to show support.

As I stood there talking to many of you about the army, I listened and cried. Some of you told your stories of the army and some offered kind words and big hugs, one even shared tears. I thank you for that! Of course I don't want to see him go away from his family, but I must support his dream. His dream of being dedicated to his beloved country.

I thank all of you for your kind words, encouragment and dedication. I am so proud to be a Canadian. Proud to say I live in a place where someone has fought for the freedom that we have. Please continue to spread greatness.

Thanks so much,
Warm Hugs,
Dawn Couture

Go TI-CATS everyone is rooting for you


What a great post.

I and every Tiger-Cat fan across Canada salutes Ryan and our armed forces. For that matter so does the rest of Canada too!

Cheers, Bob.

Dawn, I have talked to Ryan as well - as a matter of fact, I welcomed him to the "team". We have had some good talks, and I hope I was able to give him enough advice about Basic Training.

Always remember when things seem to get too tough that "This, too, shall pass".

I believe the Ticats have a Military night this year to. Forget what game it is.

Hi Dawn;

I’m always in awe of people who think nothing of running straight into peril when others are running away from it. This goes for our heros both here (Police, Fire, Paramedics and many times, average citizens)…and of course on foreign soil (all Armed Forces)…

Good luck to your boyfriend Ryan in his basic and if he’s deployed eventually…

Thanks to all who stand the post for us and are willing to sacrifice all. (past, present and future)




It was great meeting you and Ryan that day.

I have to say I had to walk away from the conversation on several occasions because I too had a tear in my eye.

I was driving down the 401 today and say yet again Canadian flags draped over the side of a bridge in memory of brave Canadians. We have some very brave Canadians defending our country. I hope they bring them all home soon.

Ryan is a stronge soul and the Box J Boys and the whole Ticat tailgating community know we'll be having a beverage and a bite to eat when he gets back.

We are proud of Ryan, be strong Dawn and let him know the he's a Box J Boy forever now!


Wonderful post, Dawn.

Continue to be proud of your man. He is joining with the thousands of men and women who have willingly sacrificed for the country they love. All the best to both of you.

Hi Dawn and Ryan.
What a superb Post.
The Members of The Cats Claws Fan Club would be very proud to make you both Honorary Members of the Fan Club. Please PM me with your phone # and address if this is okay with you both. I am very proud of all our Soldiers. Thank you Ryan and Dawn. pat_cat.

Thanks for the great post Dawn.
I also served in the military so I can tell you he will soon have good friends and wonderful memories that will he will never forget.
Good luck to Ryan…with your support he has a lot going for him.

Just bought a couple of Support our Forces magnet tags and have put both on the rear of my vehicle. We are very fortunate in this country to have people like Ryan and all the forces to help this world become a safer and more peaceful place for everyone to live.

Welcome to the site Dawn and thank you for posting that. I have the utmost respect for our armed forces and I am doing my best to teach that same respect to my children. Knowing that there are brave and selfless people like Ryan and the many others who protect our freedom and our very lives makes it easier to raise my kids in this very scary world we live in.

I am only sorry that I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the both of you at the tailgate. Ryan is a very valued part of the family and you will both remain in my thoughts and prayers. IF he has a minute to stop by the Madhatter in Montreal this weekend, I'd be honoured to buy him a drink as a thank you for what is doing for all of us.

Take care and please don't be a stranger, Dawn. are "preaching to the converted" here, concerning the Box J Boys. They are a great bunch of guys and I'm pleased you got to know them.

It's a great "fraternity" this legion of Ticat Fans!

I'm pleased to have chatted with Rusty as well and we hope he enjoys his career and comes home safe and sound!

Sandy and Garry

I second that.

Glad there is still people in Windsor who haven't swallowed all of Jack Layton's tribe. That we should cut and run from Afghanistan. Merle Haggard said it best "they like our milk and honey but they talk about another way of living".
But freedom has always had to be fought for and always will. Fortunately we still have people like Ryan in Canada who are willing to do just that.

I also served in the Armed Forces. It was 5 of the most exciting years of my life. It is a great honour to represent this country as a soldier. Very much respected around the world. I would like to thank Ryan for his sacrifice he will be giving to this great country of ours.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you, who've showed your support to the both of us. I'm not going to say it isn't going to be hard or a challenge but I have to look at the good things that will come out of this. I have wonderful people out there willing to support Ryan and myself. You guys are such a great group of people to know and be a part of. I must say that when Ryan said he lives for the Ti-Cats, I looked at him and said, the CFL? Well it's dedication and even though they've had ups and downs everyone continues to come out to each game to support and cheer for them. You guys are awesome and highly respected out there. I wish there were more kind hearted people around these days. Whatever happened to give the shirt off your back? I know all of you would! I thank you for that. To all of you who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, a great big hug, for you are the ones who've made us have this Beautiful Canada in which we live.

Dawn :smiley:

Thank you all for your kind words, however, I really haven't accomplished anything yet. Instead lets direct our thoughts to the young men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Again, thank you.

"He who dares to die, to lay his life on the altar of this Nation's need, is beyond doubt the noblest development of mankind."

~ Gen. Douglas McArthur

(I know he's American but that doesn't matter)

Making the decision to serve our country is a small accomplishment Rusty. It’s more than most people would do. Have a great career and come back safe if you get over there.

Hello Rusty and Dawn:
I've never had the pleasure of meeting either of you and yet I feel like we're old friends.

Congratulations to you Rusty, for your decision to serve and protect this beautiful country. I think that standing up for the rights and freedoms of every Canadian is the most noble thing a man can do.
If you are placed in the line of fire, I pray that you will be safe; apart from that, enjoy your new found career.

Dawn: You are indeed a special lady and a very good reason for Rusty to come back safely.

I wish you both a wonderful future.

For those so inclined please click the link and sign the petition.

My two cents: I feel it's only appropriate that we name the 401 the Highway of Heroes since so many of our brave Canadians travel it to their final resting place.


I agree 100%. Lets all sign this and let our country know that these GREAT Canadian did NOT die in vain!!!!

They died so that we can do the things that we do. Freely and without restraint!!!