Mike Katz should be fired and the Box J Boys should take over as GM's. They are more qualifications than Mike Katz!

Can someone explain to me WHO Katz should have brought in that would have made such a HUGE difference?

Can someone explain to me who Mike Katz is?

I think the men from Shilo are way better than the Box J boys(whoever the heck they are?)

At least the players could wear a traditional formal attire instead of the frilly little things they dolled up in Saturday night.

The Box J Boys should stick to tailgating ... their arrogance in Scott Park is about all we can handle.

I was all fired up to comment on this thread but i can't top this comment nice one diesel27


Gee - big surprise. Another thread bashing the Box-J Boys.

Is this Danny Mac's, Lancaster's, Katz's, Maas', Bob's, Marshall's, or Grant/McDonald's fault? It must be, because the same things have been poseted about them.

This is simply petty jealousy and a personal vendetta against a group of fans that have the stones to be louder, more colourful, and, above all, ENTHUSIASTIC about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

If you have a concern about their "arrogance" at Scott Park, by all means talk to them about it. Calling them out on the team's website is childish (and against the Forum Guidelines to boot).

In case nobody thought so before, this thread is further proof that the "suggestions" list for fixing the team has jumped shark. :thdn:

Box J David and Box J Dad (Stan) have really cool Tiger-Cat sneakers

I want a pair :cry:

(by the way, I don't see them as arrogant at all over at the fact, if they would shave their legs before they put the kilts on, I'd even say they would look hot!..... :lol: :lol: :lol: (just kidding of course)

Seriously, the J Boys are ok :thup:

ummmmmmm..... note to box j boys everywhere: if mikey offers you a beer anytime soon you might want to consider turning it down (first time for everything right?)

just sayin.....

:lol: :lol:

Good one!...We all need the laugh right about now!

(just getting in touch with my feminine side.....lmao!)

Is your feminine side the side that answers questions or does she duck 'em too?

I'm scared to ask her...she has PMS right now.....

:o :lol:

Hey, you answered one, good, now keep it going.

  1. You said firing and cutting people is bad. Does anyone need to be fired or cut any time soon?

  2. You said in week one Eakin was interchangeable with Maas but now you say Eakin needs "developing" . Pick one.

Take your time , mikey.

the box j boys could be drunk , slinged out on crack, and they still could do a betetr job than katz, at least the box j boys would be stand up guys and tell us the truth.

C'mon, mikey, we need those answers by Xmas.

Remind me around Thanksgiving.....I always liked that Holiday better anyhow....way less stress and a fine meal!