Box J Boys/Cats Claws........Argos game....

I love having these two awesome groups of fans in our midst....The "J" Boys always keep us entertained and hyped and the Cats Claws always keep the kids "face-painted" appropriately!...


My question is:

Is there any extra cool stuff going on for the Argoooooooooooos/Ticats game from these or any other fan groups?.....(I know the Labour Day Classic is the big event but hopefully we all party extra hard for this upconing Argos game...) :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to all the organized fan groups! :rockin:

Thanks Mikey
Great post. I have been invited to an all day barbeque. What is everyone doing? I will also go to the Box J Boys party too. Whats for Dinner guys? It is the best week-end all year for fun and a big WIN. pat_cat

Sounds good Pat!.....I would be re-miss if I didn't mention the guys and gals from the "13th man".....they invited me to a great tail-gate party at a "Labour Day Classic" and I must say that they were the "salt of the earth" !.......wonderful people and I had a fantastic time....thx Tigger!


(hope they have something going for this game as I'd love to meet up with them again)

Not this game Mikey, a group of us have a Private Box booked for that game :smiley:

We will be setting up for the LD game. :thup: Same Place, by the BB Diamond, under the Tree :smiley: see you there :cowboy:

Nice!!!!!!...have a great time in the private box!..very cool!

I just got a new BBQ from my son and daughter-in-law for Fathers Day so I'll be actually parking over there on Labour Day with the BBQ and bringing a van load of family and friends....We'll hook up!...I owe you a few wobbly pops and a burger!


Yeah...the "13thman" gang took care of me when I visited them on Labour Day....I checked my pockets at the time but didn't have any burgers, buns, condiments or beer stuffed in bad! :expressionless: yeah, it will be nice to return the favour this year as I'll be coming prepared.....and with cool tunes in the van!.......can't wait for Labour Day!

Go Cats!..Boooooooooo Argooooos!


You don't, have to be In The in crowd to join us, just show up :smiley:

Hey, Tigger... Quick question... Do you know which box you have for that day?

Sorry, I can’t reveal that Info :wink:


Argo fans will also be in the box, so the box number can not be released for security reasons. :twisted:

Just the post 9-11 world we live in I guess. :smiley:

So Argo fans and Ti-Cat fans together in one box.

Should be easy to pick out with a pair of binoculars.......Blue hats hung down looking at their shoes .
Black hats jumping up and down with hands in the air...oh ya there they are!

Actually there will be alot of jumping with hands up by both sides .

No ,not jumping out of the box with little parachutes.

It's always a good close game when these two teams play,looking forward to seeing some Argo fans in the West endzone pregame.... :cowboy:

if its good enough for pat cat its good enough for me,I'll be there

I will bring the paper towels.

Nothing is going on for this game. Please plan on your own pre-game festivities. Sorry.