BOX H question

hi, i just received tickets for my first game at Ivor Wynne! when i purchased them over the phone i was certain the fella said they were row 1 in BOX H, but the tickets i have are row 3. so i am wondering if because of the player dugouts being at the start of this section does it actually start with row 3 or did i get the wrong tix.


Sorry, I just can't help imagining you having tickets for row 12, but sitting in row 13. :wink:

you are right because of the dugouts the first row in box h and box j is row 3

Box H eh? I hope you enjoy drum bands. Also just so you know, the chemical plants in the area release a chemical into the air that turns Watermelon rind into a form of acid that causes hair loss. :smiley:

:roll: my guess is this will never end!

thanks. i can't wait to hang out with some ti-cat fans. i always said you guys/gals are the second best fans in the league! :wink:

Box H isn’t as good as Box J… :rockin:

And box J is not as good as Box K!! :rockin:

And the visitors dressing room is definately not as good as the Tiger-Cats dressing room. :rockin: :cowboy:

Stop by the CFL Fans Fight Cancer party in Lot J (Scott Park high school lot)...Always room for CFL fans