Box H hecklers - "Can't we all just get along?"

Hi there, and you know who you are...

At the game last week I met some really nice younger (20's?) gentlemen who sat near me. All during the game they very loudly heckled the blue team. I found most of what they said to be funny, and certainly not objectionable in any way, at least to a Ticat fan. Well with about 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, a rather large security guy comes around and tells them to stop shouting or he would have to ask them to leave. ("What are we in church or a library"?, I wondered to myself. No we are at a football game.) These young men each had had a few "wobbly pops" and were having a good time. At no time did I hear any profanity exit their mouths. Well the large guard went down to the ground level exit and continued to watch in our general direction. The "hecklers" were quiet for a few plays and then started up again. So with about a minute left in the game the guard came back up and told one fellow that he had to leave. At that moment something incredible happened. An older fan came down from 7 or 8 rows higher and told the security guard that while these gentlemen were loud, they definitely were not profane and were not bothering any other fans. He said he thought that they should be allowed to stay. The security guard thought this over, turned around and went away.

I hope cooler heads prevail in the future and that fans are allowed to yell (cleanly) as much as they want tonight, and at future games.

The old man was great, as always.

The security guard was new, so he'll learn that thats how we do it in box h.

by the way, its Box H Sloppys... not hecklers

I think a little "swearing" should also be aloud, there IS a kids section,for if you do not want your child hearing swear words at a football game.I'm sure the kids hear more out of the parents mouths at home then they would at a Ticat game. Chants like "NOBODY BLOWS LIKE THE AARRGGOOOS" Or "Id rather be a tiger then a friggen argonaut, the tigers get the pussy and the argo's get the ". But swearing alot is just overall not a good idea! I mean things are bound to slip out here and there!


I stand corrected. However, one of these gentlemen did have a "Box H Hecklers" t-shirt on.

Sorry CnP...I too think you're wrong.

Plus, there is no Kids Section. There are Alcohol Free Sections.

Swearing is not cool in public venues. The odd "slippage" I can handle, but kids and pensioners alike shouldn't be subjected to the constant filth that comes from some people (who think it's either cool or just okay).

If you wouldn't say it at the kitchen table to your mom, you shouldn't be saying around other fans.

As much as you rant on this, it's not going to change anything. People will still get hammered against the rules, people will still shout profanities against the rules, and stupid little thread like this every other day won't change anything. It's just stuff you have to put up with at a cats-argo's game, just show's you how heated the rivalry really is. It's a brotherly rivalry, you don't hear brother's saying" "Golly brother, would you mind falling off the face of the earth?" Of course there will be profanities, we'll just have to live with it. I personally find alot of it funny, but some of it does get out of hand and some of the kids do go home learning new words.

I don’t get the big fadoo about swearing… they are just words… and half of them aren’t even in the dictionary… and if they are… they mean other things… I don’t get too upset over swearing… my favourite swearword at football game is B…S… we have to use it so much for reffing purposes anyway…


Any swearing you do shouldn't be aloud.


I knew this thread would be commandeered by
deep thinkers with the mentality of common thugs.

I've sat in box h for years, and I heckle the visiting team like it's my job. We may be obnoxious, but we're never profane. If you have to be ignorant and rude, it just means you have nothing funny to say. We know the box h sloppys and like us they aren't profane. They didn't deserve to get kicked out, and thanks to that guy who vouched for them (who, by the way totally gets it,) they didn't.

The majority of the profanity that was spewed in the vicinity of Box H last year was from the opposing players. I like to sit behind the visiting teams bench and the end zone IMO those are the 2 best places to watch the game and I'm always in one of the two.
Last year in the game we were beating the Als Duvall came off the field after missing a relatively easy FG attempt and I stood up and yelled "It's all your fault Duvall" to which he shouted back"F**K You" ,one of the rare F-bombs I've heard in that area but it did come from the field.

It's always fun when either Kelly Malveux or Davis Sanchez come to town we've been heckling those two forever and they love to get into it, IMO it takes their heads out of the game sometimes because those guys always throw little jabs back, or at least acknowledge that it's getting to them which is better sometimes than them saying anything at all, just knowing we're peeving them off.

Once a person passes puberty the novelty of swearing in front of mixed groups because you think it's cool or funny generally wears off.
Heckling the Opp, is all fine and good and you can make them lose it and start swearing at the crowd without doing it yourself it's even better.
You just know a coach is going to say something to him later.

Ironic moment of the year so far was having some tool flip out over the penalties and start a profanity laced diatirbe at the players about them having no self discipline. duh......

I was not aware there is not kids section! I understand why people are against excessive swearing, it just makes you look stupid.

Who are you to call me a "common thug" Get off your horse bud, you do not know me! You may not agree with what iv said, but to directly insult me is uncalled for! hendy77 Said he dose not with me but took NO direct shot at me. I come on here to voice my opinion nobody needs to a agree but nobody needs to be rude!

This guy agrees with me. I guess he is a common thug as well. I agree a overwhelming amount of swearing and being down right rude to fans cheering for the Argo's is uncalled for. But having a good time heckling them is totally aloud. I think it would be a good idea to have a kids section at IWS

I don't have a problem with the Ticat fans giving it to the players....while there are bounds of adult behavior that should be respected, players are professionals who are paid to take a bit of abuse. This however does NOT include comments about their wives or mothers, nor should this include throwing objects, or spitting.

When the Als are in IWS, I am always in Section H...At last year's opener, there were a bunch of well lubricated fans who were really giving it to the Als. The Als for the most part thought it was great, once the game was well in hand, the Als were giving it back in spades, even the hard core cat fans were laughing....the best was when some kid challenged Kai Ellis (or maybe Ferri) to a fight in a back alley...I

I guess what I am trying to say is that razzing the home team is OK....even expected, but try to keep it somewhat clean, and certainly no comments of a ethnic, racial or linguistic manner...


Or "Id rather be a tiger then a friggen argonaut,
the tigers get the ***** and the argo's get the ".

Cats in Pac
What makes you think this is acceptable bantering as you discribe it?

Also why do you think it only offends kids?
Perhaps you and the rest of your "common thugs" :slight_smile: should be in a " we don't don't know how to act in public" section.
I'm cool with that.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

YA i think the swearing we can do without in a public venue ... i know someone continues to do it in front of my kids i'd be awefully upset about it and if security won't toss the swearers out i sure will

...Got to agree with those that say "You're Wrong".
You want to swear in your home go ahead, you want to swear when you're out with the boys, go ahead......but out in public and around kids, NOT COOL :cowboy: It only shows your respect level and your consideration level of others of ANY age.

.....also, Isn't Box H (yes it is) the same place that some fool threw a beer can and a cup at the Argo's last night......NOT COOL! Those of us in Box I were shaking our heads at that individual, yet we didnt see them get removed.......funny how security gets all over people when they yell, yet dont address real infractions.....I`ll give them the benifit of the doubt and say they missed it and got all over Box H at the Exhib at the wrong time.


not sure, but I thought that came from box I

Sat in the endzone last night, cheering for the Argos. I can't believe some of the scum in that section. We were pelted with peanut shells which was fine, but then they resort to spitting! A real class act Ti-Cat fans!! Losers, just like your loser football team