Box EH Hatboys Are Looking For Another Good Year!

The Box EH Hat boys are looking forward to another great season of football. With all of the improvements that have happened over the past year I can’t wait for the season to begin! Besides the improvements on the feild I look forward to getting together in Lot J for the pre-gamers! Tailgating is a blast and all are welcome to stop by and have a cold one with us! Hope to meet more of you this year because the fan base at ivor wynne is beginning to grow again! What a difference a couple of years and a dedicated owner can do to a club! All the best and the Hat Boys of Box EH look forward to drinks and victory celebrations for all! P.S We are going to the grey cup this year and you can say that you heard it here first!

Box EH Hatboy 1

box eh hat boys?? :?

ya im lost to lol


We sit in Box A and wear very large hats. We love the CFL and more importantly live and breathe Ticat football. We have created T-shirts that read Box EH Men and for the women; cleverly Box Eh Women. Last year we had "Real men wear pants" on the back of our shirts. A little dig to our friends in Box J. We are usually seen tailgating in Lot J with our shirts and again big hats. We did this on the south side because it has been far to quiet on that side for too long. Box A has always been empty because of its price and location. We have a lot of fun in that section and always welcome anyone big or small. High fives a plenty.


Box Eh Boys are a great bunch of folks, who are awesome neighbours at the tailgate parties.

Always ready to talk CFL or just shoot the breeze this crew exemplefies what CFL fans are all about.

See you in Lot J Hat-man!


i'm glad i don't sit behind you

They are not that big cause in three years we have never been asked to remove them.


Hey all is well lads and I look forward to have a some more great tailgates! Cheers and a big hello to Jare Canada and I hope sales of the bracelets are going strong still. I will be in line for another new one this year! All the best lads!

Oh I almost forgot the other tailgating crew, Box J Boys! Can't wait to get together and talk shop this year and hear your thoughts on the changes! 2 Weeks and counting (I think, lol)

yea box a is where its at! this is my 4th year sitting there