Did anyone see Bowman at Rookie camp? There is footage attached to under story "bigger than Bauman"

Could he be an heir apparent to Matt Dominguez?

Heir apparent? How about "could free up Matt D. from coverage as his young fast teammate in 08'"? Matt Dominguez is NOT retired or even close to accomplishing what he wants to as of yet.


He looks pretty good. Really good actually. I doubt he will stay up here in Canada for long, but while he does he can sure help us out.
Just from reading about him, he was a projected top 15 pick a year before he would have been eligible.
People make way too much of a deal about simple Marijuana possesion. It should be a A fine like open liquor, but thats a different story.

He's big, and, despite reported slow 40 times, those clips show he can run. Even my buddy Arius has to be intrigued by this guy....

Hope they got him to sign a 2 plus an option, because if he's got his head on straight, he probably won't be up here for a second contract.

Its a 1 + 1

Absolutely I like this guy. Big. Fast (he has run quick 40 times in the past). Athletic--played guard in basketball. Great pedigree. And I even liked to hear ET actually say something that made sense regarding our so-called "code of conduct", which to my mind is a joke, and the truth is how ET put it regarding Adarius Bowman. Smoking a little pot is nothing to get excited about, and the morality police in Saskatchewan can get stuffed! Besides, you gotta love the name Adarius Bowman

Here's hoping Bowman and fellow rookie receiver Weston Dressler help ignite our offense.

ya im really excited to see Weston.

Based on what Miller said Bowman and Dressler have a very good chance of being on the roster to start the season unless they play themselves off of it.

For those who are interested to also see a video of Dressler, here you go!

Looks pretty damn good. Wider field could mean trouble for opposing cover team and defences.

League rules require clubs to offer a 1+1 contract to CFL rookies. They can still offer 2+1 or other terms, but the 1+1 must be on the table as well.

Bowman may not go to the NFL quite as fast as everyone seems to think ... the new Commish put the word out that either the teams clean up their act with player character or the league will do it for them, making hard-and-fast rules the teams may not like.

That's why Bowman didn't get a sniff in the draft or free agency ... basically the NFL warned them off.

He may need to show more than just one year of "good character" in the CFL before anyone will take a chance on him down south. Ricky Williams has soured the market for him in the NFL, as his stint in Toronto didn't have the desired effect and teams are now wary of that whole idea of cleaning up by going to Canada.

I can see him re-signing after one or playing out his option and testing the Free Agency waters with other CFL teams after two. The NFL is not out of the question, it's just that it will take more than just on-field performance for teams to bite.

Thank you Johnny. Did not know they had to offer 1 plus 1.

1+1 is the shortest contract available in the CFL. It has been for as long as I can remember. I am not sure what exactly is meant by, "a 1+1 must be offered". You offer a guy a 2+1 he says no, I'll sign for 1+1 though? Wow. A revelation....

Smart ass. Read some since my post. Maybe you should. The Lions got in trouble because they did not offer Wake the d end a 1 plus 1. Thay HAD to. CFL said he will be free agent after this season. Cant offer a player 2+1. Must offer him 1+1 to. Let him decide. Wake will be free agent after this year. See you dont know every thing. No revelation to us.

Or maybe this is what happenened:

But on Sunday, it had more to do with pundits following up on last month's unsubstantiated radio reports that the Penn State grad was going to be a no-show at camp - and was attempting to uncover a CFL contract loophole in order to pursue options south of the border - than it was his league-leading 16 sacks and team-leading 72 tackles last season.

“I’m here and I’m happy to be here - I’ve been waiting six months for this day,” said Wake, 25, who signed a two-year deal out of a free-agent camp before last season and isn’t eligible to sign with an NFL club until Jan. 2.

“I was surprised to hear what I heard at home, but it was just talk. It was all rumours. I was never contacted by any NFL teams and I had no intention of leaving. I think me standing here on this field in Abbotsford is proof enough that this is what I want to do.”

To make a long story short, Wake first heard about the “news” through friends in the Lower Mainland who sent him a text message after hearing the report. The 6-3, 241-pound native of Beltsville, MD, did some research online, then issued a statement through his agent in an attempt to melt the snowball before it rolled further downhill. Wake has never spoken about it with Lions head coach and general manger Wally Buono, who not once second-guessed his player, and probably never will.

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