Bowman to Als

Adarius Bowman traded to the Als for a bottom round pick.

Had high hopes as long with many others that he could have a good year. Unfortunately, with all his talk about being comfortable and relaxed, it looks like he played that way on the field. Not enough drive and intensity. It will be interesting to see who gets into his role.

Now we're helping the Als out too ! How come Toronto or BC or Edm isn't helping them? Oh, I remember it only flows one way when it comes to Toronto. The other two aren't as bad....Now I know Bowman wasn't playing up to par but I really hope that Mont. is taking his contract too. I hope we are not doing something stupid here. Montreal never helped any team when they were on top either, now they are taking welfare.

I didn't really think he had a role, Wolverine. He was used sporadically at best. I still can't figure it out.

Thumpkins or the other import kid (Worshington, I think) will quickly fill the void left by Adario's departure - and at just over 1/2 the invoice price (although a bomber favorite signing technique is to give a guy almost all his 1st yr salary in the form of a signing bonus)

Thumbkins or Wash can't be any worse than Bowman, can they? Even adding Mr. Peterman and Simonise to the mix - giving them more lay of the land . . .

Bowman was a panic signing for Gomer Kyle & Rigmaiden, no doubt 'bout it . . . they thought he still had 25 to 40 recepts left in him - but he obviously didn't - - - - now he can freely run undisciplined patterns for Johnny Football, more likely Johnny finds him open in a "Open the Zoo" environment, than in disciplined passing lanes/angles/boundaries, etc.

He can battle it out with the other over priced over hyped receiver the Als have... Jackson.

He wasn't doing much here Tony but I was hoping he might spark up and start playing. I just watched him Saturday live, miss a catch I could have made..... Throw in the youngins.


I think everyone watching that saw that must've thought the same thing. I know I did.

I had higher hopes for him here than most. I really thought he was going to come in here and regain past form. Very disappointing.

I don't think it was regain past form as much as just continue on. He was doing OK for the Esks two years ago. Yeah, I'm disappointed in him.

An 8th sure isn't much, but he was probably going to be cut anyways.
I guess we'll see if the change lights something in him we hadn't seen sice traning camp.

DAN38, you are more than welcome to join us and follow him along with Jackson.

Who is us, Tony ? Are you an Als fan ?


…...Salary dump for sure and I hope Bowman doesn't take one on Johnny...the Als. have enough probs....What a huge disappointment the Bowman signing turned out to be...Personally I think he's done...No drive left and he has those gawd awful cases of the drops to go with his bad eyes....Riley knew it in Edm. but somehow our management couldn't draw the same conclusions as the Edm. qb.....hence the wasted signing...We could have had valuable time in our line-up for one of our newbies by now ...Simonise...Petermann ….or an American …..Washington or Thompkins ….In any event one of them will draw in now and it will surely be better than watching the half-hearted effort we were getting from Bowman

I don't know if I buy the bad eyes or not having a role. 2017 in Edmonton he would have been around 800 yards extrapolated to a full 18 game season which isn't terrible. Nichols worked with Bowman in Edmonton before he got hurt and Reilly took over for good so there should have been some familiarity. Supposedly there were plays called for AB and they ended up having to go somewhere else with the ball. There just wasn't any urgency to his play. He wasn't busting his butt doing more to get it going either it seems and when he got a ball in his direction and didn't make the play Nichols would look elsewhere. Maybe the trade lights a fire under him and gets the juices going. Maybe LaPo wasn't using him in the way Edmonton did when he had all that success and Montreal puts in a more familiar role for him. Clearly this offense is different from Edmonton, heavier on the run with Harris and now using Demski as a back plus using Dressler on pitch outs. But from where he was a couple of years ago to his Edmonton release to now being traded for an 8th round pick or possibly nothing if he flames out in Montreal, if that doesn't light a fire under you I don't know what does at this point.

Even if Walters had to swallow some of that salary to make the deal it was a good move to open up a spot for someone else based on the production so far. My guess would be it may be Flanders coming in as he's coming off the IR.

An 8th rounder pretty well means that we gave him away, not that it bugs me but why not a 10th rounder ? Maybe lower. It certainly seems the teams care less about draft choices than some of the fans do. Also, why Mont ? Didn't any other team want him ? I'll bet some teams don't even know they have 8th round picks ;D.

…...Going back to last year and an Edmonton game I watched..It wasn't against us but in that game there was a simultaneous catch on the sidelines between Bowman and an opposition DB....That db stripped the ball out of Bowmans hands while fighting for possession and ran it back for six...Bowman didn't even try to pursue the guy and it looked like a half-hearted attempt to actually make the catch...Riley was visibly upset with that play and I thought Bowmans days were numbered at that point...I still thought he had 'some' game left and would help us out but it looks as though the Esks. assessment of him was correct...I feel sorry for the guy because he genuinely looked happy to be here...It wasn't his attitude that's for sure...soooooo it must be something else...I hope Johnny football can light a fire under him and he can still play in this league...Felt really bad for his family after they picked out a house....moved in and now have to move along...That's the tough part of football and when you sign on have to expect that can happen...In any event....good luck to him in Mont....IF he does well we'll get that super pick we obtained in the trade....(GIANT LOL on that one)

On a different note, I am glad to see we got Plesius. I've always liked this guy but I can't find out how we just signed him. Was he standing on the corner somewhere waiting ? How come this guy was not playing ? Does anyone know ?.. Let's see what he can do. After years of complaining that we don't pick up guys, I am glad to see the change of heart. Sure, some will be a bust but you just never know. I don't know anything about Estime.

OK, I understand how important draft picks are( IF YOU WILL PLAY THEM !!!!). There is a list somewhere on the main forum showing all the 1st rounders that are playing now and that is great BUT the list of 1st rounders not playing is far longer. Now I don't blame the players' skills for this, I blame the coaches and GMs who treat them like fodder. Get a 1st rounder and dump him 2 years later for a cheaper, newer version. I don't like it. Also, teams is just about the only place these guys get a chance.

A perfect example is Plesius. He was dumped by Reed before the bonus had to be paid and he's been sitting as a free agent since the beginning of the year. Nobody picked him up ? I know why. There was last years crop to use cheaply. I feel this has to stop. I like watching Canadians play this game ! I like seeing them play CIS and then turn Pro.
Frederic was hurt last season but if this guy can play even at 3/4 of what he did two seasons ago, we've got a keeper. He's great on teams and not too shabby on D, WHEN he's been given a chance. Westerman who ?

…..I totally agree Dan on Plesius...How he wasn't on somebody's roster is beyond me...I believe he's 30 and in his prime...One heckuva special teamer and a nice replacement for Renaud who is out for the season...Very good pick-up

Straight dump.....Bombers had already paid out 40K....Montreal can worry about the rest....

Had to be done, Bowman was not a rookie or some sort of project - he was a vet, who was brought in for good coin, to Was also not crazy about some of his body language, on some plays either....