Bowman signed for 3 more years

Bowman signed for 3 more years

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Great news!

I agree, great news. He`s a good guy on and off the field.

But, but, but, we have to find another bookend to complement him! Not an easy species to find, if you go through all other CFL teams they are also looking for a rush end.

Absolutely sheldon. Without a bookend, other teams can simply double-team Bowman and not have to worry.

Watch Moton Hopkins this year…all I’m going to say :slight_smile:

Until now, Moton Hopkins has always played as a DT.

While there still could be 1 or 2 more signings of DEs, I am presently confident with the DEs signed to date. As I have written before, I do expect great things from Mike Lockey; in 2012, he was not properly used/was not called as much as I would have wished. Another possibility is Kenny Iwebema,provided he remains injury free. Kenny Ingram and Steve Octavien could be tried at DE.


Yeah, I don't expect Hopkins to switch to DE. Between him and Cash inside, though, opposing O-lines won't be able to double-team Bowman, because then the inside pressure will result in QB sacks given up. As Richard mentioned, Lockley should be more effective this year in a traditional 4-3 alignment, to say nothing of whoever Popp brings to training camp to compete for that DE spot. (though I'm hoping we don't use Kuale at DE)

I'm with you on that, d&p, I think Kuale was a fish out of water at DE for Toronto. He's going to have to battle Ingram and perhaps Hebert at WILL to get playing time; he many not even break camp with the Als.

C'est une excellente nouvelle que Bowman soit de retour. Il est l'âme de la défensive et son leader silencieux. Un gars très important.

Concernant Kuale, c'est un peu le questionnement que j'avais à son sujet parce qu'il a aussi joué sur la ligne défensive à l'occasion à Toronto, même s'il a résolument la stature d'un secondeur. À tout le moins, il figure comme secondeur dans l'alignement et c'est sans doute à ce poste qu'il pourra avoir sa chance.

Nous avons aussi Lockley qui peut se débrouiller à la ligne défensive.

Mais à mon sens, il faudra que les joueurs de l'intérieur de la ligne soient meilleurs que l'an dernier dans leur poursuite du quart, sinon, Bowman se sentira bien seul. C'est un peu l'arme qui nous manque actuellement.

Actually, LeStaf, we got good sack production from our DTs last season -- Cash, Bekasiak, and (ugh) Jenkins. Even guys like Scooter Berry were active. Where we struggled was pressuring the QB off the edges. Bowman was neutered by Reinebold's idiotic scheme, forced to drop into coverage or pass-rush from an open stance behind the linemen. And the opposite end, whether Davis or Lockley or Murrell (at the beginning), was rarely in a position to get to the QB unless we were bringing lots of blitz heat. I think our interior will be fine, especially with Hopkins finally healthy. And if we can get good production from both DE positions (not just Bowman), we'll have a pretty good pass rush.