Bowman should be worried

About keeping his job after the play of Walker and Marshall today. I was worried about there limited time with the team and knowledge of the CFL game in general, but they stepped up today and played a great game. If this doesn't motivate bowman to catch a ball atleast it looks like we got some guys to fill his role. Defences around the league will be in trouble when our 5 reciever set is fantuz flick dressler marshall and walker

I know it's too early to tell and I am not saying there the next coming of allan pits or stegall but they impressed me none the less.

It was only Winnipeg after all :wink: I think they did look good today and made some quality receptions, but this can only help Bowman when he comes back, we now have some quality options to go to and he doesn't have to be "the guy". Less pressure on him.

I was wondering if this would put pressure on him to perform as well. Never thought of it like dust, though. He makes a good point.

Well when Dressler was still hurt, we really had nobody to throw to. I think Bowman's problems are up top like Fantuz' were, and you take a little pressure off and maybe just send him out there for passing situations and I think you'll see him play a lot better.

Bowman is going to be a really good receiver.

Bowman has the toolbox, he is going thru the same thing as Fantuz...he will bounce back.

I was especially impressed with Walker this guys hands are like glue

I dont think he needs to be worried. He is tall. We arent exactly wealthy when it comes to tall receivers lol

SO true… At the beginning of the season we averaged what? 6ft2 6ft3 at receiver?..Now it looks like we have been invaded by the munchkins!!!

Midget all stars.

Nope, sorry, I beg to differ. Bowman does not recognize the problem he is facing. I heard him on 620 am, 30 minutes after the Calgary game where he had at least 4 perfectly thrown balls bounce off his chest, he stated he was staying back to work out this problem. He didn't. He still turns and starts to run when he is catching the ball rather than catching, taking the positive yards, and everything else is a bonus, he just doesn't get it. Too greedy trying to be a superstar. Concentrate on the catch, and THEN pivot. Sorry, if he can't grasp that simple WR 101 by now, then he will never get it. That crap flys in US College ball, but not in the CFL. Fantuz was totally different, he got it, just couldn't execute. He worked it out.

I say either get him in rehab or kick his butt out.

Bowman was possible 1st round pick, but because of Mary Jane, that didn't happen.

I have to wonder if that little tramp isn't still in his life. I mean, why not? He's two years away from any hope of the NFL, and no repercussions in the CFL, of course assuming his play is half decent.

Get off the bong already........time to grow up and play football.

I agree he needs to grow up...still does not take away the fact he is a talented receiver, we disagree on whether he can bounce back...only time will tell.

I for one am not going to throw him under a bus just yet.

Yes, he is talented, I will give you that, compared to me, But i can drink way more beer than him. And I am a great coach from my armchair, but I know what I know, and that is that he has cost us dearly, I personally believe is all to blame for the Calgary game, and last time I checked, patience shold not be a virtue during live play. He should have worked that crap out on the practice field. Game time is no time to develop.......

Not only would I throw him under the bus, but I would drive that bus, and have the Six Flags guy dance on his head after the bus stopped.

I hate him, and I'm done with him...........

Thanks God I don't have spiky red hair! :smiley:

good thing your not the coach.

Fantuz was never asked to be the feature receiver in our offense when he went through the same issues. And in Fantuz case he has at least had prior experience with CFL rules. He had guys like Matt D there to shoulder the load and take the pressure off him. He also had a QB who the defense had to watch to make sure he didn't run in there.

Bowman had some unfair hype around him by the fans at the start of the season (kinda like Fantuz, eh?), and now that he's struggling everyone thinks he's garbage. Perhaps he should get cut just like Fantuz was after playing 8 games in the CFL, right?

Cut the guy some slack, let's see what he can do with a little patience, some quality receivers surrounding him, and let him work hard to improve on the dropsies. If he wants to get better he still has to work at it, but I'm at least going to afford him that chance :wink:

If you were Tillman, and you had a guy like Bowman. Would you start talking with other clubs?

Toronto is starting a QB at reciever and Hamilton is almost as weak at reciever as Sask.

Would you consider dealing Dominguez or Bowman away? With the prospect of Flick and Fantuz coming back and guys like Marshall, Walker and Bagg stepping up. Once players come back from the 9-game, you have to release somebody. Is it time to see if you can get something in return for a reciever rather than just having to release them?

Dealing him wouldnt be smart.

You can't trade an injured player as far as I know and the trade deadline will likely pass before either Bowman or Dominguez are healthy. I wouldn't trade Dominguez, they already cut a popular player in Crandell, let Dominguez attempt his comeback and be a mentor to our rookie receivers.