Bowman practicing with 2nd team D

Per Rick Moffatt on TSN690, John Bowman has been practicing with 2nd team D today.

Not quite sure what to make of this news.

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Bizarre. Is he injured? It's not like Thorpe to make examples of veteran players, especially not a team guy like John Bowman who has been a constant on that D-line for years.

Let the fun begin. I guess they were listening to Richard!

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 9m9 minutes ago
Higgins: "Our offensive and defensive line has not played up to what we feel they can play"

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 13m13 minutes ago
Higgins on John Bowman taking 2nd team reps: "We're giving reps to other guys right now. Whether John plays or not is still TBD"

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 15m15 minutes ago
Higgins said DB Jerald Brown (dehydration) is 100% healthy but they aren't sure they want to make a change at his position

How about Hefney?!

To make an example of Bowman and nothing on Hefney?

Terry Johnson was sharing reps with Hefney.

But to bench Bowman would be ludicrous!

Hope Higgins decision works out.

It was Lavarias who was replacing Bowman.

Yes, because as we all well know, Dominique Ellis did such a terrific job replacing him :roll:

While recording 5 sacks, John is not having a great season; hence, he has had only 12 tackles; if we compare, Gabriel Knapton has had 24 tackles and 3 sacks.

If the record does not improve, veterans will be released; unfortunate, but John is being paid good money and could be released. The Als won't keep him if he can't perform well.

He could be the player out/not dressed,particularly if Lavarias and Sam play.


It is so ironic that going into this season, the one thing we felt confident in was the defense. Biggest concerns were QB and special teams.

Well growing pains aside, we seem to have found a QB (not the one we expected), and special teams have been excellent.

Yet it is the defense and/or Thorpe which is falling apart. Who would have thunk.

Not saying the D-line hasn't been unimpressive but Thorpe is not putting his players in a position to succeed. All this rush 4/3 nonsense isn't working. We need to bring heat. And it's hard to judge DBs when they're forced to cover indefinitely because the pass rush never gets there...

Brown looked perfectly healthy on the sideline Saturday night....
Bowman hasn't played well but they are asking too much of him.
How about Brouillette who's tackling like Sean Whyte ?

Take your pick.

They are just trying to "motivate" JB. They have no one to replace him, certainly not Sam at this point.

I will not be surprised if Sam plays Thursday and John is not.


If Bowman does not dress there has to be a reason. He`s a veteran team leader. This is serious stuff to bench him.

His pass rush? Not dropping into coverage properly? Taking plays off? Is he banged up?

Im sure well find out from Herb or Popp on the Als This Week (Weak?).

They are trying to light a fire under him. They will play him...

[i]Whatever the case, Higgins knows what he's doing :roll:

The wheels are coming off! [/i]

The guy coming off the 6-game list got the reps.
Couldn't just be to see how he looked could it?

After thinking about it, I agree with Hfx. This is just a motivational strategy because we have no one to replace Bowman. You don't bench your star DE for a poor start when there is no one in the pipeline.

Makes the decision to cut Markell Carter look even dumber now...

It was hard to decipher what Popp was trying to say during the Als This Week, but that`s one of the things he alluded to, that they wanted to look at others at DE.

And he definitely took a shot at the 3 man rush, saying you can`t pressure the QB that way.

Certainly seems there`s lots of stuff going on behind the defensive scenes concerning schemes and personnel.