Bowman Out

little surprised nobody posted yet...sorry if i missed it
adarius bowman out for year...ACL

Tough loss for an already struggling offense, also so late in a game. Hope it is not a career killer...tough injury for a WR

Best of luck in recovery Bowman.

What difference does it make when we don't have a quarterback that can find a receiver?

Quite a lot. If you do find a decent QB and he has nobody to throw to, you're still going to lose every game.

At least you guys can take some solice in getting the first overall pick in football too!

tough loss indeed.
The report stated it is a tear of the ACL and MCL (same knee)
unfortunately, this may be a career killer..these type of dual injuries are known for lack of resiliency.

Good luck to him.

Don't worry, the Eskimos still have a lot of depth at receiver. The simple fact is that on Sunday, there wasn't a pass thrown near a receiver more that 10 yards downfield. The other fact is that if Joseph had thrown the ball somewhere near the receiver and not right in the opponents arms, this injury does not happen.

No team has enough depth that they wouldn't miss Bowman, no matter what the QB situation.
I sure hope he's able to return, best wishes.

Not saying that we wil not miss him. What saying is, if you can't get the ball to him, what does it matter!

Now you're getting a taste of the pathetic QB play that Toronto fans had to sit through. No idea why Rusty would ever think a proven failure like Steve Jyles would have any success as a starter in Edmonton. The only thing that could be worse if if Rusty decides to bring in Chip Lemon.

Look on the bright side though - - if Edmonton finishes last at least they'll have the first overall selection and they can pick a franchise QB in next year's draft. Oh, wait a minute....

Tough break for Edmonton.

ya.. too bad.

Could Voice be any more disgruntled? :lol: The offence sucks at the moment, but this is still a tough loss, and I wish Bowman all the best. :thup:

Apparently the Eskimos are disputing their own injury report...

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I saw that yesterday on TSN. Who the hell knows what's going on. :lol: Hopefully he isn't gone for the season.

Agreed. :thup:

Bowman is a top receiver in this league and very underrated.

I think the best case scenario is that he's done for the year, but comes back next year 100%. Worst case scenario is that he's finished. It all depends on whether the tears in his ACL are partial or complete.