Bowman on the Trading Block

According to todays Free Press.

He's currently 11th in the league in receiving, not sure what the Bombers could get for him straight up, if anything, likely have to include him in a package of some sort.

“Bowman on the cutting Block”

fixed :wink:

Hmm, maybe we can give you Bauman and a pick or two for Bowman.
Bowman has potential and Bauman would maybe play better if used properly and if he was playing for his hometown team.

I'll say either Edmonton or Toronto gets him.

Yeah, Bowman has potential alright. The potential to DROP a lot more easy & critical passes!!! Never was sold on this guy since the day he arrived. Always cringe when they throw to him. How many chances can you give him to fix his dropsy issues? It's costing the Bombers momentum in a few games now, potential game changing plays and probably a win or two as well!! Much like Serna, either you do the job or it's time to give someone else a chance.

Bowan did just fine when Bishop was throwing him the ball! Bombers had a good mix last season, things were starting to fall into place. Bish had a great chemistry with Bowman, Brock and the gang. What could have been?? If only Kelly had not had a fight with his girlfriend, Bombers would be in the playoff hunt, possibly even first place.

So we bring in Mack and he hires a young kid with no experience and now all of a sudden they decide Bowman is no good???

Trading block, LOL? Who's going to take a soft, heartless receiver who can't catch anything you throw at him? And who's going to give up any kind of asset to acquire such a receiver? Maybe if Maciocia were still GM in Edmonton... :lol:

Bowman will probably be cut after Mack finds out that the rest of the league isn't terminally stupid.

Good God, not this again. . .

They were? No they weren't; they were falling apart. . . in the last game of the season, the most important game of the season as a playoff position was on the line, the team totally imploded. And your hero QB was an abysmal 8 completions out of 26 attempts, with 2 interceptions. Falling into place ? ? Nonsense.

More nonsense. Your "Bish" had in 2009 a 50.4% completion rate, 15 touchdowns but 20 interceptions, and a passer efficiency rating of 67.1 (which was the WORST passer efficiency rating among starters in 2009 by the way). Mediocre at best, and it sure demonstrates that there wasn't a heck of a lot of "chemistry" going on in Winnipeg.

You can't be serious. . .

He's made some great catches, maybe he just needs to be in a different style of offense.I'd trade for him in a heartbeat.Probably just picks or picks and a low end player though.

The Als only got a fourth round pick for Chad Owens what do you think Winnipeg can get for a receiver looking at a third team in three years ? No one is going to pay anything for Adarius just like no one would give two cents for Prechea, sorry to say.

In hindsight, I'd say the Als got bent over on that one.

I suspect Kelly and gang will look a little better after the Als finish with Bombers this week. When 2010 is all said and done, the 2009 squad is going to have a better record

Despite their road woes, the Bombers have been decent at home, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hand it to the Als.

......IF the right team shows up fri. we should give Mont. a run....IF the offence that played the argos last game shows-up....hmmmmm could be another nail in the 2010 coffin :roll: Bowman is a question mark if Davis returns ...I'd like to see this Carr kid get some playing time and if he works out i think there's going to be some long discussions about Bowmans future with this club :wink:

I dunno...even if Davis is back...I'd much rather see Edwards, Carr & Bowman, instead of Davis... to agree Bowman has more up-side than Davis...IF he holds on to the ball...Drops have plagued this guys career...I remember them complaining in riderville about the same problem...He's got great size...he should be no 1 or 2 in the league with potential he has....BUT potential only goes so far...I think the Bomber brass are really starting to zero in on the big guy and he better produce orrrrrr we'll be going in another direction :wink:

That's the thing. Even IF Bowman drops 2 a game (and he doesn't always) he'll still out-produce Davis 19 times out of 20.

But that's like saying to you want the red Lada or the blue ?

No, it isn't. Bowman has nearly 500 more yards receiving than Davis, even with his drops. If the choice is to have only one of Bowman or Davis on the field, well, the choice is obvious.

Your right Kubie. The guy's stats are pretty much on par with last year. Don't know what to think of that...

I take that back Adarius your more like a Calibre :stuck_out_tongue: