Bowman fined for helmet-to-helmet hit

No argument here. I had no complaints about the penalty at the time, and have no problem with the fine. Pretty blatant - the type of hit that we’ve complained about by other teams’ players against out players.

And yet in 4 games of helmet-to-helmet hits on our players there were 0 flags and only 1 fine…

Bowman's hit was very similar to Willis' hit on Collaros, in that, in both cases, contact with the helmet was made at the point of impact, but only because the target's head area suddenly appeared in the impact zone a second before contact was made. A byproduct of fierce hits and the speed of the game. By definition, though, both hits do merit flags and fines, because the league is trying to prevent head injuries.

As soon as I saw that hit and the flag flying, I had a feeling that it was going to cost Bowman. Unfortunately hits like that happen but I don’t believe there was any injury as a result in this case (correct me if I’m wrong), It still doesn’t negate the fact that it was a head shot (even if unintentional) and the league needs to administer the fines as they see fit.

It was a contact hit not intentional and not the same as Odell Willis who has a reputation for being a little dirty and certainly his hit on ZC was a lot more intense, just look at the scratches on his helmet after the fact??

The Cats had three players along with Colaros that were injured due to head to head hits from the other players, ZC, Fantuz and Lamar, one has returned, two are still out, where was the penalty flag from the ref on those plays, still glued to his pocket??

Agreed the CFL must come down hard on hits to the head but penalize everyone and stop playing favourites or maybe it's ref's making a little sideline action on the games??


Along with the obvious helmet-to-helmet hit on Tasker by Stamps #28 Brandon Smith after the failed field goal attempt with a penalty not even being called! No penalty. No post game review and/or fine or suspension by the League.

Tasker is lucky to have escaped any kind of injury.

lol your joking right? Same as the Odell Willis hit? On Bowmans hit, the ball carrier went to brace for impact and his head lowered and thats why it became a helmet to helmet hit. I have no problem with the flag because it has to be called (but on both sides zebras!) but when Zach was taken out...he was leaning away from Willis throwing off his back foot and Willis drove his helmet up into Zachs chin...cant see how thats the same...