Bowman, congratulations on 100 sacks!

[i]OOHHH yeah!!!

Congratulations to John Bowman on reaching 100 sacks! :thup:

Bowman is having a career year in terms of sacks, and will lead the CFL for the season.
It makes Thorpe and Higgins look even dumber for benching him for 2 games :roll: He might have had a 20 sack season if he played those 2 games.

Anyway, big thumbs up to John! :thup: [/i]


Interestingly, Bowman was interviewed by Didier on RDS entering the half.

He was asked "how much longer he would be in the game", IMO asking since he had the 100 would he rest in the second half.

John said something like "We'll talk about that after the game", clearly IMO having taken the question to be about retirement.

Having finished out the second half of the year so well, especially toady's game, I'd rather see him go out a year too early than a year too late.

[i]He has 3 sacks today for a total of 19 for the season! Is 19 a single season record for the Alouettes?

He also has his second highest tackle total ever. He HAS to come back next year! :rockin: [/i]

He deserves to be back. On Tsn 690, Mitch Gallo reported that JB was sitting on the Als bench sobbing...saying that JB may have played his last game as an Alouette.

And some want the man who OKed Bowman's benching to be our next head coach. :lol:

Congrats, John!

Yeah... Popp says he wants JB to come back but likely wants to offer him less than market value. A trend with long term players who put roots in Montreal. I hope he keeps playing for whoever treats him best. Thanks John and Good luck.

I've only been around the CFL for 10 years or so, but John Bowman is, in my opinion, one of the greatest defensive players I've ever seen in the Canadian Football League.

Hoping he's back for another one next year!

Great to see Bowman hit 100 and win the sack title for the season . Certainly hope to see him back next season.

If I was Bpwman, there is no way I am coming back for several reasons.

the way he was treated,
the season he just completed with 19 sacks, best in the league
sign with a legitimate contender next season like Esks, Stamps, Cats and RedBlacks. I am sure all these teams(along with others for that matter) would be happy to have him at market value or higher.

See ya Popp!

I agree. No way he comes and plays for Thorpe and Willis next year. He'd be a great pickup for Ottawa and that would keep him close enough to home. They live in Laval, he could move to Gatineau or somewhere in between with minor disruption to his life.

I John Bowman returns next season, it will be with the Alouettes.


"I" what Richard ? Hope ? Think ? Want ? State ?

Je suis très content pour Bowman et lui souhaite de continuer si tel est son souhait.

J'ai l'impression qu'il va quand même revenir. Il n'y a présentement personne chez les Alouettes qui pointe pour le remplacer, alors que crois que les Alouettes vont le retenir.

Hey, good thing we decided our best defensive end was "washed up" midseason. It sure would have been embarrassing if he'd gone on to lead the league in sacks...

Wait, what?
checks headset
That's actually what we did?


I was thinking the exact same thing. Who in their "right mind" thought that was a good idea. Absolute idiocy. They need to make this right by bringing JB back next year with a raise!!

I John Bowman returns next season, it will be with the Alouettes.



Bowman had a great day on Sunday- he'll be back.

Should read: IF John Bowman returns, it will be with the Alouettes.


[i]Bowman wants to be paid like the best, or one of the best defensive ends in the CFL:

[url=] ... -alouettes[/url][/i]

Fairly certain I've read that the benching, and maybe more so making unadvised comments about it to the media, is what got Higgins turfed.