Bourke and Watkins out for the year

Well, in the increasingly less likely scenario that the Als finish in 1st or 3-peat, the Als have just announced that both Josh Bourke and Kerry Watkins are out for the year with a torn pectoral muscle and fractured fibula respectively.

Not that hopeful, but maybe the replacements will be able to step up.

Bourke is a huge loss. I doubt we’ll win another game for the remainder of our season.

Watkins? I wish Kerry the best in his recovery, but we’re better off without him. Nothing but drops, fumbles, and whining to the media since his return from a non-sports injury that he should have taken care of well before the season started, but for which he was paid on the 9-game IR. I’d rather have London or even Deslauriers in his spot, at this point.

I don’t want to be cynical,but we have seen the last of Watkins,in an Als uniform.-October 31,2011.- Unfortunately for Josh,but bye bye to an NFL tryout and even a free agent signing in the CFL; he won’t be in playing conditions before next May.


Indeed Bourke is a huge loss for the team.

And apparently Maypray may end up back in the Als lineup.

Talk about adding insults to injury

Maypray already Tweeted that he is back in Montreal.

Tim Maypray punt return average was/is 9.0 yards,compared with 7.4 for Floyd and 7.3 for Slaughter; his kickoff return average was/is 21.9 yards,compared with 19.4 for Floyd and 18.0 for Slaughter.

He is our best bet/scenario.


I think Josh will still be the or one of the most sought after free agents this coming off season.

I agree Floyd was a washout
He had plenty of chances to prove himself
The same cannot be said about Slaughter
The Alouettes brass is all over the place on this

How do you give a guy one chance to prove himself
A guy who goes on the record (CJAD) to say that for now
He's just going to make sure he protects the ball
And once he gets more comfortable
He'll be able to take a few more chances to make things happen

Then...after one game he's replaced by a guy that's been so underwhelming he's spent a large part of the last 2 years being replaced by other returners

It's stunningly idiotic
And may well spell the doom of more than Trestman's buddy

This kind of reversed indecision sows nothing
But a lack of confidence
In the management of this team
A confidence that's been more than a little shaken
This year for a number of reasons

I can't imagine this will go unnoticed by the media and the fans
There will be some kind of hell to pay
For such stupidity
Especially should the Alouettes fall in the playoffs

"Marc" my words
Heads will roll!!!

I believe Maypray was brought back for receiver insurance with Watkins out, over and above the returner role.

I don`t think he would have been brought back without the Watkins injury.

Hope you're right
I almost had a stroke over this one


Makes sense really. Maypray takes over Watkins roster spot. Makes you wonder if Bo Bowling will ever get a shot...

I'm not surprised
When I went to a few Alouettes practices Bo Bowling made himself remarkable by dropping passes
I can't say if that's gotten any better
But it was pretty obvious

He's under the 6' height requirement
For riding the Calvillo Rollercoaster


Senior, Cher ami, je me souviens d'avoir lu dans vos commentaires que le touché qu'il avait marqué (qui égalait le nombre de passes de touchés de Damon Allen) avait été son touché en ce qu'il avait montré la vitesse et la détermination qu'il falait pour éclipser ses couvreurs.

Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes l'auraient libéré comme retourneur de bottés pour le faire revenir si Slaughter ne faisait pas l'affaire après une partie. Comme receveur, Maypray a de la vitesse, et c'est ce type de receveur que nous n'avons pas présentement maintenant que Watkins (était-il aussi rapide qu'avant, finalement?) est blessé. L'avantage de Maypray est qu'il connaît le livre de jeux de l'équipe et peut donc s'insérer plus facilement qu'un nouveau venu.

Cela dit, je trouve ça un peu triste pour Desriveaux qui pourrait prendre du collier.

Un petit souvenir. Lors de l'ouverture du camp d'entraînement, Deslauriers part vers la zone des buts. Nieswander lui lance une belle passe, mais pas parfaite en ce qu'elle était un tout petit peu courte. Deslauriers ajuste sa course et capte le ballon en couverture serrée par dessus son épaule, bloquant son couvreur. Les applaudissements fusent instantanément. C'est très exactement le même jeu qui a mené à son touché dimanche dernier.

Only prolem with those stats is Maypray had the most games played of these three to work on that average! They gave Slaughter 1 game...

With the injuries they probably need the flexibility that Maypray brings, he can fill in as a fifth or sixth receiver (backup) freeing up a roster spot for an extra olineman or DB.

As S.A.M. also pointed out in one of his posts.

Good Lad


C'est sûrement quelque chose qui a dû faire partie de l'équation. Slaughter est un porteur de ballon et il ne connaît sûrement pas autant le livre de jeux que Maypray.

Cela dit, les chances des Alouettes de se rendre à la Coupe Grey deviennent très minces sans Bourke. Insérer un nouveau joueur sur la ligne offensive à ce temps-ci de la saison est très difficile. Il sera en constante adaptation à chaque partie.

While I agree that if a player has played 1 game and the other 15,at the same position, comparaisons,based on averages, may not always allow us to judge on talent; nevertheless,on many occasions, average stats for some players may look better after 1 or few games,rather than 10 or more.

Take Drew Tate,for instance. In his first game as starters, some fans and TSN commentators were "gloating" about this player. No interception in 62 pass attempts and 4 TDs. Rating of 121.0. In these last 2 games,he has had 68 pass attempts,has had 4 interceptions,3 TDs. His rating is now 98.9. Just to illustrate that 1 game average versus average for 10 games or more does "nécessairement" penalize the player with 1 game.

Again,Maypray is much better than Slaughter. He was replaced by Floyd because he was injured and refused to be added to practice roster; reason why he was released. Had he been on practice roster, I am positive that he would have had replaced Floyd long time ago. Finally, if he is not in game condition,he may still not play in BC and Bo Bowling could be the KR.