Bouno Angry at Huff

It was reported on the sport news this morning dirt bag Wally is angry that the head coach of the Stamps had closed practices. He said it gives an unfair advantage.
So why would he be mad? Does this mean he sends people to spy on the opposition.

Could mean that red, who knows? Dirt bag Wally, sounds pretty accurate description I will admit. :wink:

iunno why he is mad, he used to do the same thing with stating his startin qb

...I heard Wally on the radio saying he was perplexed by the move, but also said 'it's no big deal'.....which means it is a big deal, lol...

No he's not. I'll try to find his press conference.

Closing Practice was done in Hamilton part way threw the season. 2 seasons ago..

The CFL Head office don't like also.
Our Commish wants Fans to access to Players for Marking reasons ..
Huff has in been in NFL too Long.

The CFL Is Gate Driven League ..
I can understand Why The CFL is Mad and Wally too

Sounds like this rivalry is revving up already. :lol:

Bush league move to close practice in my opinion. I'd agree with Chief about the rivalry revving up but this ain't no rivalry: Lions have won 9 of the last 11 games, with one loss and one tie. Fairly one sided if you ask me.

But it's a brand new season, RLR. The past is exactly that. Anything can happen this year.

True that. Maybe it will turn into a rivalry this year. Just saying that it hasn't been much of a contest the last 3 or 4 seasons. Hopefully the Stamps can make it more competitive this year.

A tempest you say? Never a good teapot around when you need one...

...there's an ol' saying which goes,,' what you don't know won't hurt you'...i guess Wally never heard that one...This is looking like quite a battle brewing between these two....' I wonder if Wally and D.D. are still talking....maybe Buono could find out what's going on in cowtown that way.... :lol: :lol:

CFL teams commonly allow open practices for the public to watch. The public includes fans, reporters and opponent scouts. If every team close open practices, that would be unethical and detrimental to marketing. Buono and others are right to complaint.

I thing Wally is a born complainer. Has the league told Huff to open his practises because it vilolates a league rule?
Until they do, Wally should learn to keep his yap shut!

And if it is no big deal, why bring it up in the first place?

Wally was asked his opinion. He gave a polite answer which was in no way a complaint.

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. I swear, sometimes I think there are way too many members of the media posting on here :roll:

If it was no big deal, he should have just said it was not big deal and left it at that!
Saying that it gives an unfair advantage is complaining

Wally has every right to voice his opinion and hopefully the CFL speaks up as well and makes sure this doesn’t happen again. The fact that he has closed practice ALL WEEK, not just for one day is terrible for the league as a whole. Time for Huff to realize he’s in the CFL and forget his foolish NFL ways. friggin hoo....Huf has one job, to win baby and until the league tells him he is violating some rule he can do what he want...

....wally said it wasn't a big deal anyway....why are you BC fans crying if your leader isn't....

Hufnagel's iron curtain bad for the league
Closing practices is a rotten idea

Ed Willes
The Province

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No wonder Calgary coach John Hufnagel closed practices to reporters this week. Someone might catch the Stamps playing Ring Around the Rosie, or whatever the offensive line was doing last Sunday.

Wally Buono isn't happy the Stampeders have closed their practices this week.

He's not outraged that new Calgary head coach John Hufnagel has denied the media access, which is fundamental to its coverage of the CFL. No, that's our beef with the Stamps.

Buono's is much more basic.

In the run-up to Thursday night's season-opener, the B.C. Lions head coach believes Hufnagel has gained a competitive advantage by pulling a curtain around his practices and if his point escapes you, Buono asks a simple question.

"If you'd have been at [Lions] practice this week, could you have figured out we're starting [Buck Pierce] at quarterback?"

The answer, just so you know, is yes but we'd have to be concentrating intently.

"Now, what if I'd closed practice," Buono continued. "Would you know then?"

The CFL should be asking themselves the same question, but this matter is also a lot bigger than one game.

Hufnagel, who's just returned to the CFL after a lengthy stint south of the border, ruffled feathers this week when he barred the media from practices in Calgary as he prepared to meet the Lions at McMahon.

The move isn't unprecedented. Buono, in fact, said he's used it a couple of times in his career, largely to create a sense of intrigue about what he's doing.

But rarely has it been done for an entire week, and the fear among the Football Reporters of Canada is the rest of the league will think this is a nifty idea.

If that's the case, Buono won't be the only one complaining.

Buono, of course, is concerned with the football aspect of this issue, and you can understand his point.

This week, Hufnagel has had access to information that hasn't been available to Buono.

The Stamps, for example, know that the Leos might be pressed into starting first-year tackle Walter Stith on the offensive line. He also knows that linebacker Jamal Johnson is out with an injury and that will affect some of the Lions' coverage packages as well as their special teams.

Buono, on the other hand, doesn't have the same information about the Stamps, and he's not about to accept that quietly.

"The league has a right to control this stuff," he said. "One team knows what's going on, the other doesn't, and that's an advantage. It should be discussed at the competition-committee level."

But this issue also goes much deeper than that.

For the last 50 years or so, the CFL's stakeholders -- which is basically its fans and the media -- have understood the league isn't exactly a slick, sophisticated multi-billion-dollar industry like, say, the NFL, and they like it that way.

They understand the CFL drafts dead guys.

They understand an owner might buy a team to give his son a shot at the starting quarterback's job.

They understand all kinds of crazy things can happen in their league and they're OK with that because, for whatever else it is, the CFL is genuine and unpretentious and doesn't try to be anything it's not.

We all have friends like the CFL, friends who do things that make us cringe but who, at their core, are good-humoured and good-hearted, and that makes them fun to be around.

You also know the league is good-humoured and good-hearted because the media can tell the stories that

drive that point home.

I mean, you wouldn't see players like Joe Smith, the Lions running back who collects empty pop cans after team meals for the deposit, in the NFL.

You wouldn't see an entire offensive line grow cop moustaches, as the Lions did before the Western final, in the NFL.

Those stories are irresistible and the CFL understands that, which is why they've always been generous with the media.

Those stories are also central to the league's appeal, but a CFL that thinks it's the NFL, isn't the CFL at all.

That's the direction Hufnagel is heading with his dictum, and it's a dangerous one.

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…boo hoo…

…willes complains it affects the press, yet he has something exciting to write about…

…buono says it’s unfair, yet he’s done it in the past…

…holy moley, did the Okanagan produce only sour grapes this past season or what?..