Boundary Corner

So I'm wondering what Jones might be looking at when trying to fill this certainly important position.
Personally I'm not seeing anyone who can make an instant impact ???

Boundary corner? Or do you just mean a CB?

We have Duron Carter, lol.

Seriously though - maybe some young fast guys will be discovered at the mini camps. Haven't heard of Jones pursuing anyone currently on the CFL radar.

There is a difference - The boundary side is the short side of the field, the field side is the wide side. TJ Heath for an example is a very effective boundary side in coverage.

Isn’t that more of an NCAA/college thing? With the much wider field in the CFL the corner in our league needs to do it all back there because CFL receivers have such wider lanes. Just never hear our CFL CB spots referred to as boundary corners.

Losing Kacey Rogers hurts at boundary corner for sure - more said in link above.

Boundary side HB to be more specific I believe. Don't think he has played much CB.

Would seem Mays or Williams at this point, but I am sure there will be new bodies coming in as well. Lyles had woes last year, but I think they still like him and feel he can develop. He is still only 23.

I can see a guy like Brandon Stewart being looked at as well if they are not comfortable with the depth there yet.

Well for my part I would have 'definitely' gone after the likes of TJ Heath. Not like there isn't $$$.
But I'm not the coach CJ is, so I'm fairly certain Jones has a plan if the BC is weak.
I don't see any team winning a Grey Cup with a weak BC. imho

With that said, Quickness, coverage angles and upbeat Defense will be cool to watch this up coming season.

If Salary Cap is not a problem they could have kept Muamba and added Heath.

Heath has never really played CB other than a few plays of spot duty to my knowledge. I am a fan of Heath's play...though it sounds as if he may not be the greatest of locker room presence which may have been why he was traded to the Bomber in the first place and why they never chased him at all to come back and extend (speculation based on a few things). At any rate...being a good HB does not automatically mean you will be a good CB. Being a good CB generally means you would do well at HB though. He might be a great CB but he hasn't proven it or anything and Butler/Gainey are solid there. I think it also just works out to a position that they were not prepared to chase someone with cash at this time....they know they are going to have to next year and shuffle some stuff

I'm thinking if we were to draft 6'2 Godfrey Onyeka maybe he could slide in there? The Duron Carter experiment at Corner was fun and all but I want him where he is at his best and that's Wide Receiver. We will need some depth at the DB spot and looking at the roster now, I don't see Rodgers' name there. Gainey, Butler and Johnson appear to be the mainstays back there right now with a 3 way battle at safety between Hecht, Edem and Brouliette. It will be interesting to see who wins that battle at camp as well as the battle at boundary corner.

DB - John OJO at Boundary Corner maybe.

I would assume so. I don't think he played boundary as much..but I know he did play it.

Ojo/Gainey/Butler/Johnson is a nice starting group. Got a couple guys entering their second year...this is where we see if they are for real. Not uncommon the see a DB struggle in the first year or 2. Many were ready to chuck Gainey out after his 4th season due to inconstancy (has always looked good but had some "moments").

Ad yeah...I don't see them drafting a player and having them start in the secondary. I would be pretty surprised if Onyekawas anywhere close to being ready to start in the CFL. Probably the biggest gap in positions for player readiness between CIS/NCAA is DB...considering you don't ideally want to start an NCAA rookie out of the gate it would be pretty stunning to see a CIS guy make it.