Bouncing NFL wanna be players

Watching TSN and they were talking about Kenton Keith washing out of the NFL and now wanting to come back to the CFL. This really burns my butt! As far as I am concerned once the season starts players should not be allowed to wash out of the NFL and come up here and take some guy's job that has worked his ass of for from day 1. Either you are with the team on day 1 or you wait to next season. So if the NFL comes calling next year will Keith go running back down there again?

Even our beloved Lumsden did this but at least now he has said to heck with those southern folks, I am here to stay.

How is that we allow players to say kiss my butt CFL I am going south for the big bucks, and then when they can't cut it come running back up here as saviors? This really torques me! :twisted:

I guarantee you if Jesse or anyone were to get an NFL offer they would be out of here so fast...

You really can’t blame a player for wanting to make money in the NFL. For the most part our players make peanuts.

Seriously its not like its a minor difference in pay.. like an NHLer holding out for a 5 million instead of 4 million... its life changing.. its a difference of making less than 100 grand per season to making MILLIONS per season.

That is fine, run south for the money I have no problems with that. But why do we let them come back and play for the CFL and peanuts (wish I made what these guys made, and they don't have anyone shooting at them) mid season?

Go south young man, go; but if you wash out we will see you next July not mid September.

youd be suprised to learn that most guys in the CFL probably make less than what you do, or are at least on the same level as your average ontarian's salary... QB's aside.. these guys have to work in the offseason.

This is sports its about winning not about ppls feelings or if this guy worked hard all season etc etc. the nfl guy who got bounced worked just as hard to get his chance and worked his ass off in the offseason so we should punish him for doing what every other cfler would jump at in a second. sports is about aquiring the best talent not about feelings. most of these guys likely sign bigger bonuses then what theyd make returning back for an entire season. they r comin back because they love ball

if some of these players dont have the opportunity to go the nfl to try to make it there after playing in the cfl first they might not come to the cfl in the first place

Pro Football is a business. Being cut is part of the game. Bring in whoever you want. If someone gets cut... so be it. Obviously the guy getting cut knows he's on the cusp.

If somebody is available and better than you, get ready for the unemployement line.