Ok, I expect many harsh comments on this topic, but thought I would throw it out. Durant is a free agent at the end of the season. Can we sign him, we don't know. We do know that Hamilton's Bouman is going to be an outstanding Canadain reciever. Do you think that Tilman should look at getting him in rider green by trading Durant to the cats or perhaps Jyles or Someone else currently on or roster. Go to it boys, hammer away.
I honestly expect Bouman to be as good as Clarmont or Fantuz. Two good canadians for slots.

Interesting not on the non-import reciever. We picked up Nicholson after he was cut from BC. We didn't look at O'Neil Wilson after he was cut from Montreal. BC signed Wilson this week.

I know we have a bunch of non-import reciever ( Fantuz, Grant, Palmer, Bagg ). But I figure we missed out on this one, especially since we have looked weak at the reciever position.

We should trafe Durant for Bouman and then say that Durant has an enlarged spleen and then trade a draft pick for boumand and keep Durant. That is the way the Ti-Cats like to deal.

I really like Bauman but I hope we can resign Durant. It would be nice to have a QB that can stick with the team for a few years. I don't think that will be Bishop. Durant should at least get the chance to try and earn the top spot. On the other hand I'm not sure about Durant's ability to throw deep.

First of all, Hamilton will not trade for a QB right now.....they are only shopping for D-line and O-line.....besides i can't see us trading Bauman....he is progressing each and every game...and is beginning to frequently get open and catch everything that comes his add on the fact that is a Young Canadian....

I like him too, the thing is will he resign? Tilman should be working on that now I would think.

I would also be surprised if they traded Bauman, he's young, Canadian, and very good. It wouldn't make sense.

We do have an access of D-linemen and O-linmen don't :smiley: we?

If they still had Desjardin's as a GM we could trade Jyles to them and receive their best O-lineman and Bauman :wink:

We don't need another developing NI receiver.