Boulay speaks

Thin in Canadian talent? :lol: :lol: :lol:

All-Canadian O-line with perennial all-stars Flory and Bourke, a young stud at guard in Andrew Woodruff, and a surprising revelation at center in Luc Brodeur-Jourdain.

Bedard and Lavoie at fullback.

Emry and Brouillette at LB.

Bekasiak, Chima, and Adebayo at D-lineman.

Our CanCon looks fine to me.

The player that needs to prove himself is Bedard. In university he established him as a good long snapper. Looking at his NCAA stats there was little to be found with respect to offensive stats. In his years with the team to date, there are also none. Has he showed anything to indicate he can play offensively? AS for Boulay, during his initial year he demonstrated his value and, played great football. In my mind I can still remember his ability to level an opponent. Sorry to see you go Etienne. You earned your worth in our two Grey Cups!

Stand corrected
I DID mean Quebec content
Not Canadian
LBJ and Brouillette notwithstanding

100% agreed
He will be missed.

Bonne Chance Etienne!
Tu as raison
Tu peut toujours jouer au "foot"
Elas, pas a Montreal.

This was a point of contention between Lalonde and Popp according to some media. Its a very difficult line to walk for the football operations. They need to field a winner and they need to like Senior writes to at least look like they are making a better than ok effort drafting local talent.

What is strange to me is that early in Jim's tenure when quebec natives were fewer playing pro ball he would go out of his way to bring quebecers into the fold. Charbonneau, Heppel, Vercheval, Girard, Lapointe. In the last few years it appears to have been less of a priority.

But lets take Giguere for example. I am glad Jim took Shea instead. He's been proven right. Giguere would have to be a phenomenal receiver for years to come to equal the value to the Ticats that Shea has brought to Montreal.

There is also the question of how his coach uses the ratio. What's the point of drafting a Campeau or a Giggi if your coach won't play them ?

There is also the fact that if a Quebecer does well in the league and wants to play in Montreal we can always sign them when they become free agents.

So far when you look at the "French Canadian" players cause that's really what we are talking about. I don't see any playing anywhere that you could say this guy would put bums in the seats... So it would be unfair to say Jim's dropped the ball.

As for Etienne. I really think he deserves the chance to play somewhere. He's in his prime and if we were not going to play him it is better for him to release him than to keep him as a PR token IMO.

K. Hebert is a much better ball player than Etienne and with the size of the guys like Riggs, Boyd, Giguere, Fantuz, Grant, Watson, Poblah we really need size/height at the safety position.

No, but he will make better money if he finds a spot where he can rotate or start than he would have in Montreal as a special team player as there was no way Montreal was going to pay him around 100k to sit.

Read somewhere that Barker said he would cost a few $$'s and the TiCats may be waiting to see how they fare in their upcoming game.
Nevertheless, someone will more than likely get him signed for 70-80k one would suspect.

So you're saying that Popp wouldn't have tried to trade Boulay because he would want Boulay to be able to sign for as much money as possible with another team but Boulay won't be signed for as much as what he made in Montreal. That doesn't sound like Popp doing him any favours imo.

If Boulay was making 100k in Montreal, coming back from a season where he played 4 games and had a concussion, he likely had no trade value. The alternative would have been to renegotiate and keep him at a minimum or near minimum contract. Popp might have figured releasing him was best for Boulay ??? He would be a good fit backing up Logan IMO.

According to Herb, the 3 teams contacting Etienne were/are Hamilton,Toronto and Edmonton.

I say it will be Hamilton or Edmonton. More cap $$$ space in Edmonton.


According to RDs, Etieene is going to the Argos.


The Toronto Alouettes will then arrive here in 12 days. Milanovich,Boulay and Desriveaux,Jones all former als.

Drew Tate done for the season. Ouch.

Good news for Etienne, he’s put in a lot of work in the off season. Nice pickup for the Rowboat.

Yes it is. A little surprised it took this long for him to sign on.

With the injury to Noel Prefontaine, an import K will/has been signed; for this reason, an import will have to come off the active roster,hence the addition of non-import Etienne.


Swayze Waters released by edmonton to be the new argo kicker. Yet to be confirmed.

Etienne speaking with a local media outlet mentioned he had three calls from different teams as soon as he was released.
Was it money, was it the ratio?! He did not say.

From what I’ve read. The decision is still up to the medical staff in Toronto. Till they say ok, its not a done deal.

Toronto's NI depth is a joke. Boulay will be a nice addition.