Boulay speaks

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When veterans like Boulay and Ferri are released, it also begs the question of did Popp attempt to trade them.

Shouldn`t there be some sort of market value for them, even draft choices?

There was no market for Ferri, pretty much all teams have guys they are very high on in the OLB positions.

Now Boulay is different, the guy can play Safety, if he is fully healthy he'd definitely be a value to some team but it seems more likely that Boulay will surface somewhere in July after teams set their rosters and perhaps an injury happens.
Toronto, SSK and CGY are the most likely landing places for Boulay, especially TO and CGY who look like they will have import starting Safeties.

For Boulay, possibly but not Ferri, imo. Ferri's on the wrong side of 30 and has the wrong passport to get much trade interest. With Boulay, it might have depended on how much he was making.

And from a GM's perspective, why trade for a player when you're confident he will be released soon anyways.

I wish Etienne all the best, but this is a cruel business. I’ll always remember him saving our bacon by recovering Bratton’s fumble late in the 4th quarter of the 2009 Grey Cup. That win exemplified the word ‘team’ IMO. So many different players made key contributions.

According to Etienne, 3 teams have contacted him. I presume that Hamilton is one of them. The other 2? I say Toronto , BC or Calgary. I say he will sign with Hamilton.


Etienne was asked to take a pay cut so the fair thing to do is to release him and let him negotiate the best situation for him.

Has nothing to do. This is Jim being fair to Etienne this way he can negotiate with who he wants and get the most money possible.

Boulay had his best years when Jones was with the Als. Now that Jones is in Toronto, I say he lands there.

That's what I'm thinking too. Unless some other team makes him an amazing offer.

I agree that Toronto is the best destination for Boulay now. He was effective in Chris Jones's defense back in 2007.

Starting Defense looking like this.

Bowman,Jenkins,Bekasiak,Murrell with Lemmens, Hunt and Chima as alternates
Davis, Emry,Cox with lots of quality guys rotating, Brouillette,Ingram,Woods
Parker,Anderson,Brown,Williams , Backups ???
Hebert at safety with Brouillete backing him up

Looks damn good.

Practice roster will probably have Adebayo,Ruttan,Gainey, Bryn

Looks like one of Montgomery or Hunt will get the axe.

Not sure what happens with Dublanko, Ridgeway and Townsend

From Boulay earlier today, 3 teams interested :

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Do you really think Boulay will sign with another team for as much or more money than what he was making in Montreal?

wow. didn't even remember that. thanks for everything etienne.

now i post at cheers.

CFL is a hard sell for francophones in Quebec. Boulay, with his enthusiasm and talent, was a very good ambassador. And I think he still could have made a good contribution to this defense. I am not sure that this organisation understand the market they are dealing with very well.

Note: This is a personnal opinion, I understand the organisation is making decisions with the success of the team in mind, but still, they need to sell tickets...

You have a good point, and I guess good arguments could be made from both angles.

They didnt think Boulay was a starter (I frankly didnt think he was either), but with the unique Quebec marketplace could a way have been found to keep him as a role player? But then the team would say they would have had to reduce his salary which would not be fair to Boulay if he could be a starter somewhere else.

I personally feel that when the CFL gave Hamilton a $500,000 marketing grant this year, they should have asked them to find a way to trade Samuel Giugere to the Als.

Hopefully Brouillette and Leduc can fill the Boulay void.

Sure, we lost Boulay, but Bedard is going to be a starter and we added Patrick Lavoie. We also have Brouillette. You can't keep a player around for marketing reasons only. If the coaches had felt Boulay was the best option at safety, then his status as a francophone player would have been a nice bit of extra value, but you don't put that value first if you want to win games.

While Etienne has been contacted by 3 teams,including Toronto and Hamilton, there is no signed documents,yet.

Jim Barker told Herb that he has concerns over his concussion; he added "Boulay might be too rich for the Argos blood".

Bob O'Billovich that he will discuss with head coach George Cortez; he added "might want to wait after the team's final exhibition game".

Etienne was not good enough to be a regular starter in this year's team; in fact,in previous years and when Matthieu Proulx was healthy, he was second. Media,particularly French, talk/write about him because of his name. Diamond Ferri did more for the Als than Etienne. He made the team because he was a non-import. At best,he will be a "reserve"/special team player with another team. He will probably earn in the low $ fifties. I wish him the best.


All you have to do is listen to/read the francophone media to get this essential point
And it seems obvious that the Alouettes have made little or no effort to draft quebecers
Despite the that that the league is liberally sprinkled with ex-Rouge et Or
Many of whom could well fit in positions lacking on this team
And the marketing value of even a handful of these guys would be HUGE

Aside from Chea Emry and Sean're looking at a team that's a little thin in Canadian talent
Let alone Quebec
In this game that's a devastatingly bad sign

But it's the psychological ignorance of this blindness that I find so appalling
It's like British people travelling to Majorca and expecting their tin of beans for breakfast
To some extent you have to blend to your surroundings
Embrace the local culture and psychology
Even if...on the would seem unprofessional and not in your best interest to do so
Ultimately it's a form of respect that ALWAYS pays off.

In some respect Etienne Boulay was the team's token "pepper"
( a French Canadian by blood I'm allowed)
Terminating him...sound business decision or no
Whether he was a slightly square peg in the round hole of this new defence
Was extraordinarily ignorant and disrespectful
And not at all a good portend for the future

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