Boulay signs 3 years

Didn't take long for Popp to start signing guys. Nice to see Etienne move on from his NFL ambitions at least for a couple years.

Good stuff, although I'm surprised they did this deal first since we already have Proulx under contract. Claybrooks needs to be signed NOW.

IMO based on contributions. Mr. Ben Cahoon should be priority #1

I agree, but Cahoon is an Al through and through and a veteran. I'm confident he'll re-sign unless he retires, which is out of our control anyway. But I certainly don't want Claybrooks jumping ship. He is the quiet cog in our front-four that generates a lot of pressure despite not getting the pub or the sacks.

I just hope it's written into Boulay's contract that they never ever put him out on the corner again.

I just hope they simplify their defensive schemes and let the guys go out and make plays instead of doing checks up the wazoo...

Not even sure why all the checks need to happen. Every play is the same: allow receiver to catch ball, tackle. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sweet mother of God, we might see Boulay at corner again next year.

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Seeing that twice last year was quite enough for me, thank you very much. Let him take Cox' HB spot, or sit him on the bench as a special teams ace, backup LB, backup safety and/or HB................but please not on the corner.