Boulay released

Personal reasons cited for his departure as he is going through a divorce as reported by rds.

not that he was a big cog in the argo championship drive but i don't see the argos repeating without him and desriveaux. i think their mere presence helped them win that championship they were destined to win from the start.

Call me cynical but Im not buying the fact he was released in the [u]off-season [/u]because of his divorce. He has to go through his divorce whether hes on the roster or not.

No big surprise. I wasn't that impressed with him here. I'm glad he got another GC ring.

He was a great fit for the Argos last season coming in and solidifying specila teams, adding depth and experience in the D back field along with Canadian depth. With Mat Black most likely going to take over at safety Boulay would have been an excellent veteran back up making the safety spot part of the Candian Ratio with starter and back up. I have not looked at the free agency that close yet so they could have there sight set on someone there making him expendable.

Like we say in French: "Pousses mais pousses égal" Etienne Boulay had 6 special teams tackles. I don't call that solidifying the special teams. He had 1 defensive tackle. He was signed by Toronto because they had injuries to non-import players. He was released because he is not good enough.


Altough he may not had a lot of tackles does not mean that he wasn't a successful special teams player. Getting down filed closing runiing lanes engaging blockers so others can make tackle. Before they picked him up the special teams coverage teams were having a horrible time he brough experience to that unit.
As for tackles playing behind starter Younger and Back Up Matt Black most likely this years starer did not see much time n the basic defense and was only used on cover 2 on some 3rd and long situations. He filled in nicely but some of the older players like Boulay who plugged some holes this year on the roster will be in his same situation.
If his pro football career was to end it would not be unusual being in his 30's.

Guy had one good pro season back in 2007 and that's it. Whatevs.

Boulay a assez bien joué en relève à Matthieu Proulx mais n'était plus le même après sa commotion.

Souhaitons lui que les choses aillent mieux en 2013.

Boulay made a good contribution on special teams, and may be back with the Argos next season despite this release. Desriveaux was a non-factor and I don't believe he brought any presence to the Argo roster, nor should he be deemed an essential cog in the championship.

Boulay was released most likely for some roster shufflng for the off season. he has been through the playoff and championship runs while with the Als lent a had to Special Teams Matt Black when they were struggling and helped with the DBs new to the CFL. Can't see him wanting to play for anyone else next season and with Black most likely the starting safety next year perfect vet back up ST Canadian content willing to play for a minimal salary now as he prepares for life after football

How can you write that Boulay was released " most likely for some roster shuffling" when the Argos have only 57 players on off-season roster compared with allowance of 75 players + draft choices + exemptions.

As disciplineandpunish wrote,Boulay had a good season,in 2007. It went to his head,tried the NFL and could not even make it to the Jets training camp; has never been the same,since.


Again you got I am wrong. I dont know what I could be thinking its not like they may be signing anymore players some of which they would like to look at at safety. How stupid of me. Thank you for setting me straight