Well (sigh!) the news gets worse. According to RDS, Anderson and Boulay are on the 9-game IL, but not because they're necessarily "injured". Anderson showed up late for a number of practises and that led to words between him and Trestman and Boulay showed up for TC out of shape. Hard to tell at this point whether they will be back next season.

All's not well in the Al's nest. With a season like they've had, I'm surprised there hasn't been more carping. Sure hope they can get behind these little "dramas" and put some Ws together!

Alls is not well.... If you show up late for practice more than once and you refuse to pay the team fine. You place your coach in an impossible position.

I saw the same thing Coach saw when Boulay showed up at camp. Hes a small player who needs to use speed and explosiveness to play at this level and its just not there this year. With the money he makes, team didnt have a choice, Trestman was not going to use him so Jim 9 gamed him.

As far as torrent of BS when the coach leaves, well that happens all the time. Im expecting as much of a rebuild in the off season as weve ever seen in Montreal. Popp better bring his A game, he`s gonna need it.

Agreed, Hfx.

As a fan, I am an optimist and want my team to win. This year, however, they are not playing like champs or with great confidence. AC, in his record-breaking season, has looked very much off his game, our D has been decimated with injuries, there have been dropped passes by our stars....

I don't think wholescale changes are in order, but definitely some changes need to be made. Many of our stars have signed longer-term contracts so that bodes well. What happens in the off-season will be greatly determined, IMO, by how the Als fare in post-season play. Personally, I am lowballing my expectations in the hope I will be pleasantly surprised.

With the money he makes, team didn`t have a choice, Trestman was not going to use him so Jim 9 gamed him.
Not sure if you meant Anderson making the money as I do not think Boulay is making the same $'s as Anderson.

No, but Boulay is paid like a starter, I believe, and he isn't one. I'm with Hfx -- we need to do some serious work this offseason and right the ship, get rid of guys who can't or won't buy into the team concept. 'Course, I dunno if the word 'rebuild' is accurate for a team that can do no worse than 10-8 and will be hosting a playoff game. 'Reload' might be accurate. :cowboy: