Bouka Joining the Riders

Elie Bouka begins his CFL career tomorrow with the Riders. This is pretty sweet

depending on his injury it could bevery good news,

He is not injured. He has been active at NFL tryouts. Cards buyout was because he spent all of last season on the IRL...which they knew was likely going in but were high on hum...then this season he got a good twist on an ankle and they said F it. Multiple teams were interested when he was released by them and he had he should be fine.

I seeMarc-Olivier Brouillette has reported to the team , does this mean he wants to play some football.

Yes...was put up in another thread

Ps...lots of guys from the 6 are eligible to start practicing now and are. Minter out there....Clark out there

We are clearly seeing a pattern emerging that high quality players are wanting to be here with what Jones & Co is building, plus the new stadium digs for them to enjoy (Brian Williams was being interviewed by local CTV this morning on an unrelated subject - and he threw in that he loved our new stadium). Plus I hear we have some pretty great fans too, lol.

Nice to see the eagerness of the talent coming here.