Bought an Esks t-shirt

I bought an Eskimos t-shirt today. I'd actually asked my brother for an Eskimos hat for Chtistmas. He searched the entire city but all he could find was one hat that was adjustable. I hate adjustable hats, so I told him not to bother. The person at the store said they also had a t-shirt, so I bought that instead.

I understand I live in London and there aren't that many CFL teams close to me, but seriously, why is it so friggin' hard to find CFL merchandise? :?

NHL and NFL are to popular, and that is the merchandise that sells. I bet your local sports store is loaded with Maple Leafs merch and Detroit Lions merch. I don't see why. I am always buying off CFL online store though, although the prices aren't the greatest they're guaranteed to have what you want. I live in Mississauga, and it's pretty hard to find CFL merch here (the stores are drowned with Bills and Patriots junk) and the little bit I do find is Argos.

there ya go, 2 places online for edmonton eskimoes gear. the merch is around u just know where to look.

Same here. The only CFL stuff I find is Argos. It's funny, there's this one store at the mall called Lids, and it's dedicated to selling hats. The have NHL, NFL, they even have NCAA. But do you think I could find a single CFL hat in the place?

The problem with that is I don't feel like paying $15 shipping for a $30 hat. Just a bit outrageous! :expressionless:

Just buy a Packers shirt, some paint thinner and a screening machine. :thup:

In Regina we got ALL CFL teams pro-fit hats for sale at Petro-Canadas. Try checking at your friendly neighbourhood Petroleum stores.

The only Petro Canada places over here are gas stations. They sell hats there?

What do you have against adjustable hats?

I hate the Velcro straps. I prefer the fullback hats. More comfortable, and they don't look as ridiculous with the strap hanging out.

Perhaps it's just where we live, but all the Petro Canada's that I've been to in Regina do sell hats for CFL teams.

They are usually on the wall behind the till, unlikely place to find CFL merchandise but it's worthwhile to give it a shot in London.

Sorry to hear that!.. hehe

True. I'll have to check it out after Christmas. Hopefully they have something. As if I have to go to a gas station to get a CFL hat. :lol:

Did you get a bowl of soup with that t-shirt?

Here I live in Cambridge, ON, only 30 minutes away from charming Hamilton while the evil big smoke sits over an hour away. But what do I find in the one store selling CFL hats here....

...evil hats two shades of sickly blue. Oh the horror......

The problem with that is I don't feel like paying $15 shipping for a $30 hat. Just a bit outrageous! :expressionless:
i agree that it can be pricy just throwing it out there, i know if i ahd probles i would sacricifce a few bucks.

I know out here in winnipeg the bomber store sells other teams jerseys and a place called river city sports that was created out here sells anything and everything sports gear including everything cfl, nfl,nhl, nba, nll, etc..

Chief, try this: ... index.html

I went there on the weekend. What a great place. Better prices than at the game (BC Place). Maybe, by the time they freight it out to you, it may not be such a deal, but I found their staff really friendly and helpful. Lots of jersey's, hats, souvinirs from all the teams as well as the Lions.

Best place in the Lower Mainland for CFL stuff that I have found.