Boudreaux Traded to Melons

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 41m
Draft pick swaps in the Brandon Boudreaux trade are for 2015 and 2016 (mid-round). #Riders wanted depth at DE, #Ticats looking to deal.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 44m
BREAKING: Have learned the #Ticats have traded DE Brandon Boudreaux to the #Riders. Swap of draft picks and a neg list player to Ham.

The signing of Hickman (for the rest of this year) is what really made this move happen. I understand it as a football move, but I genuinely liked Brandon and I wish him all the best. He is a class act and his tweets prove that.

Brandon Boudreaux ?@hydreaux46 · 11m
First and foremost I want to thank EVERYONE in #Hamilton for accepting me and supporting me since I came to the @CFL in 2012!

Brandon Boudreaux ?@hydreaux46 · 9m
It was special to be able to play for the city and be in the community! Thank you @Ticats organization for taking a chance on me and giving

Brandon Boudreaux ?@hydreaux46 · 9m
Me an opportunity that most didnt at first in my career. Im going to miss everyone associated with the @Ticats and the city.I love you guys

Brandon was always a nice guy and a solid player. The Riders are getting a solid player. I hope that Mr. Austin got good value for him.

Best of luck out in Rider-ville Mr. Boudreaux. Just don’t expect us to be too nice on the field when we see you next time. :wink:

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 8s
#Ticats trade DE @hydreaux46 and 4th round picks in 2015 & '16 to #Riders for 3rd rounders in '15 & '16, and a negotiation list player.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 1h
Boudreaux is a free agent at the end of the season. With Hickman now in the #Ticats fold, made sense for Hamilton to deal him.

Arash Madani @ArashMadani
The #Stampeders were also in on the services of DE Brandon Boudreaux, but ultimately landed with the #Riders.

Good luck Brandon (except when you play my team). :rockin:

A neg list player from the Riders? The previous neg list player we got from them turned out to be pretty good, if I remember correctly. He may have left us a bit earlier than expected, but we did get a couple of years of excellent play out of him.

Any rumours on who this neg list player is? Perhaps a running back?

Good trade. Boudreaux is a good guy, but didn’t have a role on this team after the signing of Hick and emergence of Scott and Coleman. I just hope Austin doesn’t use the draft picks to satisfy his fetish for Canadian defensive tackles.

I agree it's a good trade, one of those that could, over time, work out well for both sides. If the neg lister ends up in a TiCat uniform, the Cats may have got the best of the deal even though SSK gets a 30 game CFL vet. While HAM didn't pick in either the 3rd or 4th rounds of this year's draft, I looked back at the previous 3 years to compare what we got in the 3rd rounds vs. the 4th rounds:

2013 - Primé 3rd, LeMarquand 4th
2012 - Gascon-Nadon 3rd, Charbonneau-Campeau 4th
2011 - Fortin 3rd, Patrick Jean-Mary 4th

The 3 third rounders are all TiCats today and 2 of the fourth round selections didn't make it in the CFL. This trade should work out better for HAM than the Charbonneau-Campeau to Calgary for Spencer Armstrong deal this past off-season.

Just to be clear on the draftees I listed in the previous post -- I only listed the first HAM pick in each of those rounds and included Jean-Mary who was actually the 2nd overall pick (HAM's first) in the 5th round because HAM did not pick in the 4th round that year.

8) Boudreaux had multiple chances to show his stuff and become a starting DE with the Cats, but he simply failed to
  do it.  He'd have one good game and then fade into oblivion again, which is why he languished on the Injury list for 
   so long.  Just didn't prove he could be a starting DE in the CFL.

    At least the Cats got something for him, because he would have just been eventually released !!

Tipper really?

good luck Brandon.. bring a warm jacket

2013 east all star
Lead TiCats last season with 7 sacks
2013 Grey Cup Game - 2013 Grey Cup game. Boudreaux had six defensive tackles, a sack and a forced fumble
Past 2 seasons with the Cats - Boudreaux had 58 tackles and 13 sacks.
He may have been on the I.L. because he was injured

Nice job by Austin to move him to a west team and get a nice package for him[/b]

Not sure we got a nice package until we know who the neg list player is.
The team badly needs a RB. Perhaps the neg list player is a RB.

I disagree, Iceman, with your comment "badly needs a RB." I think Madu did a good job filling in during Gable's previous injury and Primé stepped up, without notice, last weekend. We've got Ojuri who's been at practices and in RB daily meetings for a month and half now, Palmer now here for a month, and the smaller Scott, just a week into his Tiger-Cat experience. If Palmer got his chance, with Primé there at FB and back-up RB, we could play a speedy INT WR instead of Giguere.

Wow - that's the going rate for an average DE ? Thanks, SSK.

8) Yep, in Kent Austins own words today, "There wasn't much chance he would ever get back on the field for us", in
  reference to Boudreaux !!

Sorry to see Boudreaux go,but not a surprise really,he was a Cortez guy and was the lone holdover from that dreadful defense of 2012. Austin has now officially turned over the entire defense in his time here,and it was quite apparent that with Hickman now on board and the emergence of Norwood that the writing was on the wall for Boudreaux. It's going to be interesting where exactly Boudreaux will fit in the scheme of things in Melonville,considering that the Greenies already have Chick and Foley as ends and also have import 2nd yr man Hilee Hicks as well as Cdns David Lee and draft pick Dylan Ainsworth in the mix as well.There's no way he starts over Chick and the other end position is Foley backed up by the two young Canadians.

Correction not Hilee Hicks but Hilee Taylor is John Chick's back up,although it would sound kinda funny Chicks and Hicks in at End for the Riders. :wink:

He said no prospect because of our depth at that position the guy is a great player and if you want to use Kents words use the ones "He was a very productive player for us". If Hickman didnt come back this trade NEVER would have happened period

Have we heard who the Neg. List player is yet? Or will that remain unidentified?