Bottomline on Ricky/Drug Policies, KK style

I bet there are a LOT of dope heads in the CFL. I would bet my wallet there is a TON. what you guys think? in all seriousness... short ton (that is what you spelled) equals 2000lbs.......if the average weight of a player in the CFL is 230lbs that is 8.69 players.......rounded up is nine players that you accuse of being dope heads....nine players?.......maybe.......can't prove it though........

I doubt that their are a lot of dope heads in the CFL, I doubt that teams would sign them cuz they would look bad, and not draw crowds, in which most of their profits come from. Same goes for steroids, etc.

Ricky Williams has the potential to be, not only a great CFL player obviously, but a real icon in toronto who are used to the big-paid “major league” brats there, if he wants to be. He might find Canada the tonic he needs to be refreshed again about combing football and life all in one package.

After thinking about this a little bit more, is it not fitting that our football league, in keeping with our public opinion as Canadians, is just a little more lienient on pot offences than those in the U.S.?

Yes, heck, isn't our immigration policy a lot more lenient than the states where if a church group says such a group is being victimized in whatever country, let them in? I can't think of the word at the moment here? Refugee, couldn't remember the name here.

Yes, there is a lot of dope in here. But it's called Prozac and it sells mainly in Saskatchewan. The medication's slogan is: "THIS is the year!"