Bottomline on Ricky/Drug Policies, KK style

My issue with Ricky coming over to Toronto, or the CFL has nothing to do with drugs. I believe that he will play well regardless on what he is on a day before a game.

My main issue with him is that he is a selfish, self centred player, who doesn't give a drag about anything. He left the Dolphins, who he had a multi million dollar contact with, and field to Australia, just because he didn't feel like playing football anymore. He did that to a team that really thought they had a chance to win the Super Bowl, but that went out the window with him leaving. So what's to say that he will not just decide to leave the CFL?

This guy is a hot potato, I wouldn't touch him with a 39 and a half foot pole.

and I want to hear what a majority of the huddlites think about a league drug policy vs. a team one that the league has now. what do you think? (If I have this wrong, could you fix it, mods, thanks)

I personally think that teams should decide on their own who they think is clean and fit to play for them, and who isn't.

it's going to be hard for me to get online for the next few days, I'll try whenever I can, but there will be days when I'm not here. Just thought I give you the heads up.

It has to be a level playing ground for the league. The fact our laws dictate across Canada it should be the same for the CFL. If token Ricky and Smith get caught they could get deported! But it should be for all of the CFL.

I don't know, I think the teams should do it. Call me a believe in State's (Team's, in this case) rights.

but I hate they way the media uses that as an excuse that the league should go. If anything, it should be the team with the player on drugs they hold accountable, not the WHOLE league.

with the provinces controlling their own heath cares, makes sense that they should do it that way.

What happens Kanga if one team decides not to have a drug policy would that be fair to the other teams? You seem to hard on Ricky what about the wizzinator! He is no better. They are both losers.

Smith, I don't know about, but I heard that the whole tea from Minnesota is a bunch of losers now. and this guy is playing for our leader in rushing job, so he isn't a player I think highly of either, but he is the lesser of two evils.

Then the team looks bad, and maybe the league puts sanctions on them.

Tell me Kanga these two guys were making Millions of dollars playing football. They now come up north here and play for much less how do you think they are not both losers. They lose in the money department, they lose in their sport (NFL) and they lose respect with the fans. So really I am so happy they are joining the Argo’s and Bombers they deserve each other.
I feel for a guy who has busted his A$$ for the last 5 years and last year on a losing team was the top rushing back for what the Bombers to bring in a loser to play. Talk about lack of respect. Even some of the fans from the blue and glod have shown a lack of respect for Roberts.

I think that the cfl needs to implement a drug policy for its players.

I didn't say that Smith wasn't a loser, nor wasn't Ricky, I said that out of those to, the lesser of two evils is Smith.

and heck, hope Roberts blows him away at camp. Don't dis the Bombers or Argos (unless your also factoring in that camp that they ran illegally, along with the Cat and the STAMPS!!!)

Kanga I am going to tell you once more those are not illegal camps. It is Mr. Howell that is afraid he is going into a camp that is already set. The big boys are tossing the ball around in a soccer dome on their own accord. If you wish go to their web site contact the presidnet of the CFLPA Stu Laird he will be happy to answer your questions regarding this matter. In fact I would not doubt that he has attended this little get together himself since he is an alumini of the Stamps team. So well you defend the fact that your team the Bombers prefer to bring in a druggie and try to dis a few players staying in shape by throwing the ball around to get use to each other and stay in shape you go right ahead. I am sure Maas and his receivers are doing the same. If your QB had brains he should have been doing the same thing. It is called team bonding. Hey just maybe they could all go over to Smiths new pad and bond with a few tokes!

The league needs to have a drug policy. You just cant leave it up to individual teams. Kanga, what if they did that in baseball? Palmiero would not have gotten caught , and Bonds would not be in the mess he is in now. Baseball ignored this problem for years , and it has tarnished the game for good. The CFL BOG needs to wake up and set a tough drug policy. Smith is no better than Ricky, both of them should not have been signed by the respective clubs. Im surprised by Toronto, because Pinball HAD a squeaky clean image, but Williams being allowed to play tarnishes that in my mind.

I agree Sambo what it also tells me is these two teams are hard up for players. Do you think by these two teams bringing them here and letting them play will help them. I thin not. See Lawrence Phillips for your answer!

.........This is your brain.......

.........This is your brain on drugs..........

RW2k5: The sooner Roberts blows Smith out, the better, I think that Roberts will prove that he is better than Smith, and sent that loser back to the NFL where he belongs, just cuz he will be at camp and/or preseason (which should me intreresting) doesn't mean that he will see the light of day in the CFL regular season. Winnipeg has alot of guys right now that Taman has signed to pum up our team and have a shot at the playoffs, some of these guys will have to go, and I think that Smith will be on that cut list.

Sambo: Point taken, but baseball didn't even have a drug policy, the CFL HAS one in the from that they let their teams decide.

RW: Once more, it's been an honor to get thoasted by our resident Stamper Mod :lol:

At the risk of sounding condescending, and aside from a few run-of-the-mill comma splice errors and the like, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate KK on his coherent post at the beginning of this thread…way to go, KK…

yes congradulations KK!

Thanx u jm02, RW2k5, and everyone!!!

am I really sounding that condescending? just defending my opinions.

bottom line: I no Smith lover, I think the sooner he goes, the better, and I think he will, after he plays and decides that the pay he gets isn't worth it and he doesn't like own game., KK.....not you that was, that could have potentially come across as condescending with the "good boy" post directed towards you.....or do you not know what it means?

I know what it means, it's when you talk down to someone like they are suppose to hold your waste bucket for them., yes, a waste bucket.......I suppose.....maybe a bit medival, but I see your point.....

Doug Brown figures once these guys get a taste of life in the CFL they wont wanna go back to the about RJ Soward, he seems to be getting along just fine being who is and not something we want him to be......thats the way it is here....