Bottom Line: Ticat fans deserve better

This post is not to point fingers at any player or coach, or anyone in particular for that matter. This is simply a statement that we deserve better.

The fans have been loyal supporters with their hearts, money and commitment to the team. When is this loyalty going to be paid back with team success? This team has not had a winning season since 2004 (2001 really since 04 was 9-8-1) and we are well overdue for one.

Is the team cursed? Do they just care about making money or do they actually care about winning also?

We deserve better. Period.

Stop short changing us. The on field product is sub-par and the money the team makes from us fans is obviously not being spent well enough.

We deserve better and we deserve it now.

Your absolutely right we deserve better however under the current circumstances we have to be patient. Easy to say but something that is very hard to do. Iv'e been waiting for something that resembles a team for a great many years. I remain optimistic in spite of the score on Sunday. You bet there will be hell to pay for this.................

I can tell you that MItchell in particular doesn't give a rats A$$ as long as there are bums in the seats ! The Tier 2 and a losing team has done it for me and lots of others :thdn:

u guys most not be leaf fans how many years have they been ugly and how many years have they had strong support from there fans. Surely a ticat fan is more loyal then a leafs fan?????? COMON wear ur true colours and lets go or stop walking behind the wagon waiting to jump on.

Never been a "Make me laugh" fan.....cheering for the CATS is hard enough on my health!!! :lol:

well dont wish no ill health on anyone id say for ur sake u walk away from the team and forget they exsist. 100 yrs from now it wont matter to me either way theres life after a ticat season and theres life while theres a season to me 18 weeks of passion aint gonna kill me.

What the hell does hockey and TO have to do with anything?

Are you drunk?

no but i wish i was all the pissing and moaning on these foroums is enuff to drive a normal person to drink

Nothing a few wins would'nt cure!!