Bottom line is....

What I thought it all came done to is EXPERIENCE vs. INEXPERIENCE.
Our guys are ( notoriously) slow to start , then seem flustered or lacking in concentration when forced to catch up( see: containment, overthrown passes,dropped balls). This is especially evident with QP, only to this point he has been able to get away with it / allowed to work through it. Not against that SASK. defence ,though. Theyve "been there, done that" and we havent. Remember too, SASK. was humbled by the Lions last week and undoubtedly were extra fired-up.
In QPs case ,probably intimidation factored in as well. It takes a Calvillo to analyze and offset that kind of pressure. He wasnt alone though...for the whole team, the 1st half was UGLY TIME.
The second half was remarkable. I didnt get the feeling that Sask. thought they had it in the bag and played with less enthusiasm. I continue to be REALLY impressed with our coaches half-time adjustments
and the PLAYERS willingness not to quit. We were overwhelmed yardage-wise by EDMONTON too, but still came out on top. If we had been able to score AGAINST that wind... well,who knows ?
Im glad I stayed for the 2nd half...the CATS certainly made the game entertaining...more than can be said for many years gone by. Lets keep it in perspective...were just having GROWING PAINS . Consider SASK. is a proven entity, and we had them scared. And were still learning to walk.
Our next game with them is Oct.31...different outcome,anyone?

"Growing pains"......That's the exact expression that I was thinking about after the game also.

That's a very good post "Big Kitty" and pretty much sums up my thoughts.