Bottom line improving?

[i]It appears as if the stadium fight has not had an adverse affect on the team’s bottom line.

“We had a 19% growth rate in total revenue for last year, which is phenomenal all things considered with the economy and some of the situations we were going through,? Mitchell said.

The team went over the $1-million in merchandise sales for the first time in history.[/i]

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And on CHML today, I heard that 90% of season ticket holders have renewed so far.

Also a tweet from Drew says they announced 12% higher tickets sales over last year to date. I would assume they mean season seats.

12% overall would be phenominal. I think our average last year was 23k/game? A 12% increase would get us to an almost 26k average.

Apparently average attendance was 23466 according to this:

Would be nice to see more people at the games. Though some of the best games (funnest) had closer to 20k then 28k.

I think this is just more proof of CFL popularity growing.

[i] “Essentially, we’re sold out in our present stadium with our corporate partnerships.?

On the ticket front, Mitchell said season-ticket renewals are above 90 per cent and corporate suites are completely sold out. While he refused to provide total numbers, Mitchell said they’ve sold 1,000 more season tickets over 2010.

“We’re by no means sold out for every game but we’re making great progress,? Mitchell said.

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Well I suppose that means at least 10k more butts in seats over last year overall if not more.

Mitchell said they’ve sold 1,000 more season tickets over 2010. [url=] ... p-mitchell[/url]
12% = 1,000 seats? That's about 9,000 season tickets holders "to date" last year.

That doesn’t sound right. What did I misinterpret?

That may be 12% total ticket sales, including suites and single game/corporate sales...

If single tickets aren't on sale yet then I assume tha'ts all it is (season, corporate).

Otherwise ya, you are right season seats are that low. I don't think they have ever really said how many but I want to say I read somewhere about there being 14k season seats holders...

It means that compared to last year, they have sold 12% MORE season tickets THIS year.

They have already sold 1000 MORE tickets THIS year.

IF they sold 15,000 ST last year, then they have sold 16,000 tix this year.

12% of 15,000 is 1,800, not 1,000. Still not following. Sorry. :?

Either way, glad to see the Ti-Cats doing well. That new stadium coming and the team being competitive will sure help.
As a CFL fan I want all franchises to thrive. It's the only way the league (or any) can reach it's full potential.

I am glad to see the Business Side doing well ..
Now if the football side could do the same
It will be a great Season