Bottom Feeders; after week two

I recon the tabbies are not, as quick a fix as almost everyone thought. Two weeks in, and the standings are close. I don't see any early powerhouses. I guess you could say the Al's. It also seems the Bombers have hushed some early critics, a win vs Edm and even Sambo could start saying nice things about the Bombers. He should be happy after the Riders showed they can still play a full four quarters and stand up to the stronger teams. It's been a real ugly first two weeks. All teams displayed signs of ring rust.

Hamilton should show up to play in either week 3 or week 4, although I bet they wish that they were on a break now.

Don’t sell the cats short just yet. I think it will take a lot more than a win vs Edm for ole Sambo to be nice to Wpg. Oh well what can you do?

It will take Hamilton some time to gel. Lets have this discussion if they go 0-5.

The Saskatchewan win didn't surprise me. BC Blowing them out in week one did. Saskatchewan's defense show'd their true form on the re-match. The Western conferance will be a tough tight race.

Winnipeg was impresive from a defense point of view shutting down Ricky Williams. Wasn't impressed with Either Glenn or Wynn although Glenn's stats were better. I expected much more from both.

The Tabbies are not in an easy situation, because they obviously aren't 100% comfortable playing with one another yet, and they face Calgary, Montreal, Calgary and Montreal in their next four games, three of which are road games.

The way I see it, the Cats could come out of the gate with a 1-5 or even a 0-6 record. Up from there, the team could be as gelled as one, motivation would start to become a problem.

i see the cats going 0-6 atleast, and missing the playoffs.

...when u march upfield to within 35 yards, and you walk away without points ( missed FG ), over and over, it takes its toll on the team.

i think theres such think as 'overflowed with talent', and i think the cats are at that point...too many new guys too soon to form chemistry.
u need a core of 4 or 5 guys on O to get gelled.

They wont see any mercy this week in cowtown.

They'll be coming into a stadium thats not going
be real friendly. To put it mildly.

I expect Maas and Burris both to be better.

I dont believe the Cats problems are on the field, they have talented players, maybe a little week on defence......but damn that coaching staff is a complete mish mash of chronic failures and wannabes........maybe I am wrong and way off base but thats the way I see it...

The Tiger-Cats are very close to being a very good team. They just need to execute for four quarters and get some breaks and they'll be there. Maas will eventually take control of that offense, and when he does, opposing defences had better watch out.

They need to ditch Boreham, though. The guy is a walking morale killer.

Maas and Vaughn can become a dangerous combo again any time now.

I honestly thought they'd have done better by now though...

Uh? What is that? Your stadium is about the friendliest place to play. It's not too big, not too loud. Your crowd is too polite and welcoming to create a hostile ambiance. And the Tiger-Cats are not even rival of yours.

Why in the world would it "not be friendly, to put it mildly"?

I hope we see the coaching staff here in Hamilton allow Maas to do his thing more and not be as conservative as last week with the play calling.
And our kicker, one more game like that and good-bye.

My crystal ball says the Cat's will win when they play the eskimos!

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