Bottled Water

So what the heck is the deal regarding fans bringing water into the games??

At the exhibition game against the Argos I asked the guy at the gate if I could bring my water in and he said "Ummm, I'm not sure actually.....go ahead I guess."

At the Montreal game a few weeks ago I brought my water and I asked the guy at the gate "Can I bring this in?" to which he replied "Absolutely!....We would never take a bottle of water away from anyone." (This is no joke.)

Then last Friday at the Calgary game, they took my bottle of water on the way in and said "You aren't allowed to bring that into the game."

So WHAT IS THE DEAL??? Can we bring water into the games at IWS or not?

This is getting a bit annoying considering I would just buy one at the game if the price tag wasn't a complete joke.

Somebody that came with me brought 2 bottles in and they didnt say a word to him.

What gate did you guys come in?....because I'll be using that one for the rest of the season.

Let me get this staight.
Two out of three games you were allowed to bring in water and now it's starting to get annoying?
Perhaps you should say nothing.
Thank your lucky stars you got 2 out of 3.

I was at the game on fri. and I noticed alot of frozen water bottles in the garbage. I had to lauph. What a joke. Since when did acohol freeze?????????????/ They have to let up on the obvious stuff.

When it's 35 degrees Celcius with high humidity, I had to tell my 78-year-old grandmother (whom I have seasons tickets with, and is not in the best of health) to NOT bring in water, as the security would go through her purse and throw the water away. That policy is rediculous.

It gets pretty simple, guys...

The state of the nation is, and remains: "You cannot bring in food or liquids with you to IWS"

If you want to eat or drink at IWS, bring your cash, and buy whatever, at whatever the going rate is for food or drink.


Got that?

Need to print it out, copy it down, tattoo it to your hand, or whatever, here's your chance!

Its sort of like the "offside" rule of the game, and just the same, the officiators will call it every time, the same way...

Now that we have reduced it to a rulebook-like thing, can we just get over it?

If you want "cheap" water, beer, hot dogs, popcorn, parking, or whatever, stay at home, watch the TSN/CBC/listen to CHML or whatever...if you want the ballpark experience, live action, Jumbotron, etc, experience, recognize and understand that you are going to pay the going rate, and GET PAST IT ALL!

This is litte different from my own objection of a few years ago where I paid premium dollars for good seats and had to chase people with end zone tickets out of "my" simply don't get "something for nothing"...

Give your heads a shake!

I drink water only as I am Diabetic. I purchase 3 bottle before I go to my seat, On hot humid nights I could drink more than these 3 bottles, unfortunately the only vendors that go past our seats are selling beer, peanuts ice cream However No water or soft drinks this service is the same almost every game Poor Service !!!!!

We got 4 ice cold bottles of water in last game, along with 2 free bottles that were being handed out at the corner. Of course, the 2 free ones were the only ones seen at the gates, but we were allowed to just pass by. Meanwhile we had 4 ice cold bottles of water in our seats, so we didn't have to pay for a single one, and we were hydrated.

There are water fountains in the on the south side pretty much opposite the Ticats locker room and there is one on the north side just a few steps into the concourse from the north/west corner where the stage for the bands is set's good water and very cold (probably fed from the pipes that lead into the concession booth nearby)

I took a few sips from the fountain on the north side so I know that one is working for sure....I'm assuming the one on the south side works.

....not to suggest we should not buy products from the concessions but if anyone is worried about dehydration, the solution is there if one has run short of cash....and if someone really can't afford to purchase anything at the game and has no money for that, just bring an empty water bottle with you and fill up at the fountains....I don't think the Ticats would begrudge a few people doing that if it means keeping fans hydrated and healthy during hot and humid evenings.

Besides, the same fan who may not have a nickel to his/her name one game may be flush with cash the next game and will return the favour by spending some out.....goodwill goes both ways in the long run.

just a thought...

This is the attitude that will have you chasing end zone ticket holders out of your seats once again....

My Father made a crack to a Cop at half time

"In the old days we used to smuggle in Mickey's I'd never thought I would ever have to smuggle in a bottle of water"

The Cop replied "tell me about it".

Drinking fountains are all well and good, but when your 78-year-old grandmother has 2 fake knees and has a history of CV problems and has suffered a slight stroke, climbing stairs is NOT an option. For crying out loud, you don’t have to let everyone in with a bottle of water, but have a little discretion, at least.

That's what grandsons are for.....I know if I had a 78 year old grandmother in the stadium, I'd be the one doing the climbing.......and gawd knows, I need the excercise.... :lol:

I agree mikey, and I would do anything for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't pick her up to take her to the game (she took a cab). She has been bringing 500ml water bottles for years. I'm just asking the organization to use a little discretion during the hottest days of the year.

Next time you can't make it, let me know where she sits and I'll do the water shuttling ..........I stress....I NEED THE EXCERCISE!!.... :oops: :lol:

...and my bet is that they would.
(P.S. - for the record... my wife, nor I - have EVER had a problem)

Lifter has it about right. It is the equivalent of an offside penalty. We all get frustrated when the Tiger-Cats can’t seem to learn and respect a little rule about not moving before the ball is snapped. Well the rule we are asking you to live with is: please don’t bring food or drink into the stadium.

Tiger-Cat games are an entertainment event. Much like going to the movies, or going to a golf tournament, you can’t bring things in simply because we can’t be responsible for what you bring in.

But it is also about supporting your football team. If everyone brought a picnic with them to the game we’d have to raise prices to compensate for the loss of concession revenue. We need the revenue to support maintaining the stadium, paying for security, and running a 3.5 hour-long football extravaganza.

Just follow the simple rule and you won’t have to suffer the frustration of surrendering water bottles to the security guards. This is pretty much what our coaches tell the players when they come off the field whining about how unfair the refs are for throwing offside flags.

;-) ;-)

Rules are rules

Then there are exceptions to the offside rules .

The Refs started giving recievers in motion some slack at the line of scrimmage ,they call it the Elridge (Sask reciever, forget his name)rule.

It's an exception that allows the line judge to use their descretion when recievers are running towards the line of scrimage,to cut them so slack for the sake of the entertainment of fans and not slow down the game with too many offsides.

The same descretion is used ,especially if you are nice to the security employee,at least that is my experience.

Bob ,I respect your rules and understand that you have to say what you did for insurance and security reasons ,but I know descretion judgements are allowed and encouraged.

Friday night was the first Tiger-Cat game I didn't enjoy. Yeah, the victory was nice but I too was in a bad mood from the onset when the brains confiscated our water.

Hello? 30deg heat, people with health issues (for the record, the security dude and the boy at Fan Services didn't overly care about my Mum's diabetes). I was told to buy water or use the fountains - note to stadium staff, the fountain under section 30 29 doesn't work! Ahem! (my point exactly)

Caretaker, we're not bringing a picnic in here...we're bringing water for crying out loud...the stuff that we all need to live....

It is time for the Tiger-Cats to follow the lead the SARS concern organisers took when they allowed patrons to bring water.

Profit should not take precedence over public health.

As I indicated on my complaint form, if this situation isn't fixed immediately we fans who don't want to pay $3.25 for a bottle of water or can't go up and down flights of stairs for fountain water will start following Tiger-Cat football from the comfort of our living rooms.

Oh wait, some genius here already gave that advise to us. Now, THAT's good man. That attitude is going to produce 15 000 crowds again.

Serious though, I won't bother renewing my season tickets until common sense prevails. I'll stick to coming to winter games where I don't have to worry about dehydration!

P.S. My favourite...the security guy told me that they had to even confiscate water from a cop. I just shook my head...wondering to myself...does Horton's still offer the men and women who protect our streets free coffee?