Botterill Out for season... We have...


Botterill got injured last night and it seems he might be out for the season.

For the TSN website:
Notes: The Alouettes lost linebacker Michael Botterill to a dislocated elbow. Coach Don Matthews said he didn’t know how long Botterill would be out, but that it wasn’t likely to cost him the season

I don’t think Botterill is a starter or even a good back-up LB… But GAUTHIER last night… DAMN!!! He was everywhere! He got like a sack, a fumble recovery and a few tackles… And I was expecting to see Proulx stand out. Gauthier gets my thumbs up for 4th LB on the roster!! Guys got speed and they used it as he was the rushing LB a few times and was always making plays.

Was he backing up Butler in what we can call the “Rush LB” position or was he in the middle? Sounds good enough to me if we use him as the backup to Johnson in the middle instead of Botteril, who never overly impressed me anyway.

I saw Gauthier sack on tv last night, he connect with the Gades QB solid. IMO this guy will be good, he just need some time and training to add muscle and weight. But i’m biased, i’m R&O fan :slight_smile:

Marty the way you talk about Gauthier i get it that you were there ?

*edit typo

OF COURSE :smiley:
Brought 3rd&10 with me too!
Thinking of heaing to Ottawa next week to see more rookie action

Correction: Gauthier recorded TWO sacks and one forced fumble. Add to that a lot of pressure on the QB and a few tackles. He was everywhere and awesome.

I think he first played in Johnson’s spot, while a brutal slob named Anyansi filled Butler’s. And then, he moved to Butler’s spot when the large incapable was injured. Not 100 % sure of what I’m saying, though.

Wish i was there…

I was reading Gauthier comment after the game, and i like what i saw. He is realist, recognize he have make mistake, but ready to study them on tape with the coachs. I like that attitude.

Who is that brutal slob Anyansi ? And is he really brutal :slight_smile:

Don’t bother remembering the name. The Als need to cut 31 guys before the season, so he’ll disappear.

Botterill is out 6 to 8 weeks.