Both of our 1st round picks won't be at training camp

First overall pick won’t be at Ticats training camp

The first overall pick in the 2018 CFL Draft won’t be at Hamilton Tiger-Cats training camp when it gets underway Sunday morning.
The team announced the signing of seven of their selections early Sunday but there were two names missing: receiver Mark Chapman, who taken at No. 1 by the club, and offensive lineman Darius Ciraco, selected at No. 6.
Hamilton did sign defensive backs Jackson Bennett and Nicholas Parisotto, defensive linemen Brett Wade and Joel Van Pelt, wide receivers Marcus Davis and Justin Buren and linebacker Mike Moore. All signed three-year deals.

That’s odd , especially Chapman?$ heck even Johnny is here!!!

I guess they don’t want to play football… too bad for them, because quite honestly, the team will be fine without them. Even with the release of Aprile last week, we are still at least 5 guys deep at the Z receiver position, where they play a Canadian.

Ciraco is a lot less important with the return of Girard.

Quite honestly… it never would have made much of a difference if they showed up or not. The team is incredibly deep where these two guys would play.

Even Johnny is here ? I thought that they cut Aprile......Oh wait !!! you mean that other guy named Johnny....Never mind . Wrong Johnny . :smiley:

Speaking of that Johnny guy I'm wondering if his signing yesterday has anything to do with why these two didn't sign today . Perhaps the Cats blew the budget on their shiny new toy and there's nothing left in the cupboard to sign our top two draft picks ? ???

AFAIK the cap doesn't come into play until after the final cuts.

I was under the impression that the Ticats had the forethought to discuss contract numbers and shake on it before they drafted these kids? If so, I hope these kids didn't ask for extra cash after the fact.

I hope Chapman comes to his senses and signs soon. He looks like a great player who can really help us score some points in the run and shoot.

The problem is they drafted him Chapman first over all and he or his agent want something for that position bestowed on him .

So what is the value , can't say as I don't know the numbers but if there is knowledge of other players salaries he would want the top salary or equal to the top
given .

As a guess I am thinking $100,000 for first over all but I could be off the mark by a 10 thousand or more .

I would say he's worth more like 70-80K. It's well above the minimum, which I believe is currently 55K.

I guess these guys want to take the elevator instead of the stairs. There is enough depth at both positions so these guys can sit and chill while the other players get with the program.

The Bomben trade sure is a lot easier to swallow if Chapman actually shows up.

Unless Chapman suddenly has an offer or two from the NFL (possible but doubtful) then if he wants to play some football this year barring a trade to another team (again possible but doubtful) then he really has no choice but to eventually come to an agreement and sign on the dotted line with the Cats and show up . Either that or he can sit at home and miss out on a year of playing ball .

One signed 1 to go

Perspective on Chapman. Last years 1st overall pick made $88k plus $12k in incentives - per Justin Dunk.
You can say since he's at a skill position it should be higher, or since its less of a sure thing that he'll be successful it could be lower. Could also be the Cats trying to get him into a 2+1 hostage deal like most CFL teams do.

Sounds slightly better than Victor Butler's terminology, i.e. "crimes against humanity". Slightly.

Lets be honest - its a terrible deal for the player. Always has been. If that's the sticking point right now I will always side with the player.

While the Cats don't have, as yet anyway, Chapman participating in camp, the Als don't have the guy we traded away to get that first pick:

Starting guardRyan Bomben is expected to miss at least two weeksand could miss the season-opener after suffering a hand injury (Didier Orméjuste,RDS - May 23).

Ticats and No. 1 pick Mark Chapman ‘light years’ apart in contract negotiations

"Every player from the 2018 CFL Draft is now under contract – with the exception of those who signed in the NFL or are going back to school – Chapman remains the lone unsigned selection.
The second overall pick, Montreal Alouettes offensive lineman Trey Rutherford, inked a three-year pact worth a total of approximately $285,000 in “hard money? – essentially what a player can earn without hitting performance or playtime bonuses. That’s in line with what Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive lineman Faith Ekakitie, last year’s top selection, garnered on his deal: around $290,000 in hard money for three seasons.
Multiple sources say Chapman wants a deal in line with what Rutherford and Ekakitie received while Hamilton is trying to get a below-market contract."


Seems ridiculous that the Ticats front office is offering below market value contracts to the first overall pick. At this rate, he's going to miss most/all of training camp and be way behind the curve going into the season. Great. ::slight_smile:

And we gave up a starting Nat O-lineman just to draft this fellow, when we could have picked one spot later at second? Sounds like someone didn’t do their homework on his desire to play in Hamilton, or, at least, what it would cost to have him play here.

Got to admire the guy’s moxie however, must have a solid opinion of his talents.

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Another interesting tidbit: Chapman's agent IS NOT Jonathon Hardaway, who held out #Riders Josiah St. John & #Esks Nate Behar. It's Fred Weinrauch, who does not have a reputation as a difficult guy to deal with. #CFL #Ticats