Both Losses

Ok i have come to a conclusion that both of theses losses came by are in-term punter 2 poor efforts on both botched snaps which crippled us in both games.

Argo Game- doesn't catch the ball toronto turns it into 7 and takes the lead and never looked back up until that point TO's offence produced nothing and continued to produce nothing so if that doesn't happen we win that game

Montreal Game- Already down 7-0 and he makes a poor attempt to catch it again sure it was a high snap but the man barely jumped he jumped maybe 3 inches off the ground he could've jumped higher heck he could have still caught it. But after that montreal goes up 14 and have all the momentum in the world and this deflats are defence giving up 2 majors very quickly.
In this case if our punter kicks it atleast 20 yards this could've resulted in only giving up 3 points maybe nothing and we would have still been in the game mentally.

Good teams overcome bad breaks. Right now, they are not a good team, in any aspect.

But that doesn't mean they can't get back on track.

You mean we're gonna give Blink the ball on eight or nine tries and expect to win? Gimme a frickin" break!!!!! I might be a forty year old fat man who couldn't jump over a Flin Flon phonebook but I know that if you throw the ball a couple of times and let Roberts run a couple of times, the defence is off balance and being tested physically and mentally. If we go to the air out of necessity because we have fallen behind by a sh!tload of points, we're handing control of our offence to the opponent. We know we have a potent offence. We have arguably the best RB in the game going for us. Our defence has the potential to be game breakers. If we have a breakdown in any of these areas, it will hurt us in another. I love seeing Armstrong and Edwards running down the field ready to run it in. But we need Blink running for those 5-20 yard gains that get us the first downs and give the recievers the open space to get the job done. Like I said, I'm no rocket surgeon but we must have a balanced attack if we're going to get some wins.'s the best way to win....keep your d' off of the field for as long as possible...and punish the opposition with the talent this team has on offence....eliminate stupid mistakes...recipe for a win...Sounds easy....we just have to execute...this team has the horses... :wink:

I hear Westwood is still unemployed!

,,,Serna is doing okay punting, sport,...and he's pretty good kicking the 3 pointers...he just has to learn to hold onto the ball....he's a short guy and the snaps sail on him a bit...

Not good news for you guys as Smith and Murphy are out of the line-up....according to the press...what gives??? :roll:

And Maybe Jimenez too, another baby due on Saturday!

Jeez, you'd think these guys would plan pregnancies around football. Guess they can't do reverse math very well! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dude you are blaming both losses on your punter?. Just accept that your team lost both games. Don't start blaming the punter.

You win as a team and you lose as a team.

…after last nights games…and both eastern teams losing…the Bombers have to seize this opportunity to get back in the hunt…IF we play to the talent level this team has…and everyone grinds it out…we should end up on top…go BigBlue…