Both Johnson and Knowlton Out

8) Depth chart for tomorrows game is showing that both J Johnson and Knowlton are out.
   They will be replaced by Brock Campbell and Kevin Eiben.

   Offence remains the same as last game.


And Hage and Dyakowski.

We are in serious trouble.

If you hear about a fan jumping off the top of IWS I am sure it is totally unrelated to the fact that Eiben is starting at LB :wink:

...all signs are aligning themselves and pointing to a loss tomorrow I guess we'll win

Oops! 47 names on the Depth Chart. The mistake appears to be leaving Rutley's name there while he's been moved to the PR on the Roster listing.

That is a big hurt having both of them out but Brock Campbell did play very well at SAM then he got Hurt but the loss of JJ and eiben rplacing him is a huge difference. They were able to strenghten their D back field as Colcloug has moved to HB now allowing D webb to roam as Safety. They have added a new DT just signed in october straight out of an NFL camp

Anybody have any valium they can give me when I walk into the stadium tomorrow night?

This news saddens me greatly!

:( :(

Simon and Bruce are out for the Lions.

This pleases me greatly!

:D :lol:

Our IR would make a pretty competitive team. What is that, ten players who would be starting if they were healthy?

Injured List

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

2 Smith, Bo DB Import 6.00 190 1983-09-12 Weber State
14 Graham, Nick DB Import 5.10 191 1984-01-19 Tulsa
25 Knowlton, Markeith LB Import 6.00 205 1983-04-06 North Texas
28 Johnson, Jamall LB Import 6.01 222 1982-10-12 Northwestern State
40 Joseph, Alex LB Import 6.02 240 1988-07-06 Temple
41 Hood, Jonathan LB Non-Import 6.00 195 1985-12-23 Western
67 Dyakowski, Peter OL Non-Import 6.05 325 1984-04-19 Louisiana State
97 Davis, Bruce DE Import 6.03 250 1985-09-02 UCLA
99 Davis, Torrey DL Import 6.03 298 1988-09-24 Jacksonville State

9-Game Injured List

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

4 Thomas, Carlos DB Import 5.11 195 1987-05-01 South Carolina
8 Mallett, Martell RB Import 6.00 195 1986-05-13 Arkansas-Pine Bluff
21 Grant, Terry RB Import 5.09 190 1987-03-31 Alabama
33 Bullock, Byron LB Import 6.00 212 1987-03-04 South Dakota
36 Brown, Ike LB Import 5.11 223 1985-04-29 Central Michigan
62 Hage, Marwan OL Non-Import 6.02 291 1981-09-14 Colorado
98 Steele, Eddie DT Non-Import 6.02 273 1988-07-04 Manitoba

Ticats marketing dept. take note: you should hand them out with each ticket. :roll:

hamilton will need to shut down the run with Andrew Harris. BC's replacement and other starting receivers are good but they are not his go to guys.
It is also time to get Chevon Walker some more action in the backfield it is his what 3rd game back with Cobourne also in the line up by now they should have different packages organized for both players to use their strenths as RB's With Walkers ability to break one any time he touches the ball he needs to get some PT and some touches. having a change of pace back like Walker and the steady back like Cobourne is a frat comb if organized right.
Teams that use this startegy have been very successful ut it needs to be out into the game plan

Well, last week, BC was able to beat the Stamps 27-22 without those two in the lineup.

But this team has been getting by without Knowlton for some time, and it'll be good to have Campbell back. He was the DPOTW a few weeks ago and we may need him to be that good again. With Campbell back in that position, I see that Colclough as been moved to DB, according to the depth chart:

Also on the depth chart, I see Webb is back at safety. I recall him not doing that well at that position earlier this year. And I see that Hennessey is listed as a backup RT now with Husband and Baillargeon listed as the starting guards. And I see Mike Filer is now on the active roster and is listed as the backup centre behind O'Neill.

Back to defence, I see that we have Terrence Moore making his debut, starting at DT. And Jacquies Smith is our starting DE. It would have been good to have Davis back, with this D going up against Harris. And Peguese is list behind Smith and Boudreaux on the depth chart. Could he be scratched again, in this game against the team he played for before?

We have are missing some good players, but I still believe that this team can actually win this game. They usually do well against BC.

Campbell will be the key he is the one guy who played really good at the SAM in place of Knowlton. You have to give Hamilton some credit also with injuries and bad D line play they took the oppuritunity with the expanded practice rosters to bring in DLineman that they think will be an upgrade so they are contunually trying to get better on the Dline knowing that is a place in need of an upgrade, first through trades and know through the expanded PR.
I do not know if the Oline is that bad off they are a top the CFL in scoring so something has to be going right. The defense is where they needed improvements the most and they have been bringing in guys to improve it. I think if that Dline does improve they will become a threat in the playoffs for sure. I dont think Edmonton will get there with the offense that they have and the schedule they have left. Sask, BC Montreal and finish with rival calgary. They ore 0-3 agaisnt Calgary and I know it is hard to beat a team 4 times in a season but with bakc to back games with Sask and BC then a trip to Montreal will be a tough three games and Joseph may not be able to hold up.