Both Chamblin and Taman will be gone at seasons end

With now an 0-7 start to the year - the future for both GM and HC has been sealed . Taman knows by not letting Chamblin go during this football season that both him and his HC will be dismissed at years end - there will just too much blame and anger in Sask. For just the HC to be dismissed . Who do you think would make the right GM and HC for the Riders next year . Not too sure what the vision is for the Riders now this season . They would have to go 9-2 to finish in 3rd that will not happen .

...I don't think the riders could go wrong with a Joe Mack and Bart Andrus combo...

the Riders have had issues long before this season going 2-16 in their last 18 games (one win a squeaker over the lowly 2014 RedBlacks)

Head Coaches/GM's have been fired for much less.

the only reason these two have lasted til now is due to the Riders 2013 Grey Cup victory.

When I said 0-7 for a Riders start to the 2015 year I thought no way but Wow, it was 1995 when the Riders were 0-5 to start the year how far back do you have to go to match 0-7 or is this a new record for for the Riders?

Maybe they should have a lottery raise some extra money for the team, bet on how long it will be before the team wins a game? Presently I don't see that happening anytime soon unless the Riders sign a first string QB with CFL experience to replace Durant and Glenn, Smith is good, young but still a work in progress.

0-8 soon?


Just found out Riders were 0-7 in 1979, try for 0-8?

24 Penalties against the Arblows 192 yards in penlties does not win football games.

Oooh. That hurts. :smiley:

We'll they started 1-7 in 2011... Not any difference really

Riders went 0-12 that year, and finished 2-14... IMO, both Taman and Chamblin should be fired during the bye week... bring in either LaPolice or Benevides to coach, and bring in a full time DC... make O'Day the temporary GM until a replacement can be found. I also believe they should go with Smith for the rest of the year, wether Glenn comes back or not... they have to develop and young QB (or QBs) to eventually take over... but then the blame can't be placed entirely on the coach either... they are not on the field making stupid mistakes that cost you points... the players have to take ownership of that... the offside and blocking downfield calls should not happen 7 games in... I don't believe that the Riders are all that far off in being a good team... they could easily be 5-2 right now with some the right coaching in place.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek when you say that? Or have you really forgotten Bart Andrus.

personally I cant see Chamblin gone at the end of the season based on the injuries that the team has sustained up to this point and we are not at the halfway mark yet. no team that looses its top 2 QBs and one of its top Canadian defensive players and the amount of players that the team put on the 6 game injury list with legitimate injuries and not just to hide them is going to have success.
but with the QBing situation aside there should have been plan in place to have quality backups in place for Canadian talent which I believe was not there and this reflects on Taman and his scouting staff to have the talent for Chamblin but also for Chamblin to have a plan in place if one of his Canadians went down with injury because when Emory went down this threw the team into a bind as they had no quality backups to use and this reflects on Chamblin.
that being said upper management has to evaluate the organisation from the top down starting with Taman, he sold the future for our 2013 grey cup win and now its biting him in the aarrss but the big question was this decision his alone to make ?
he also has to remind Chamblin that he cant do all the coaching himself and that is what he has a coaching staff for.
is it possible that Taman is a weak GM ? this is for upper management to determine.

Last year’s free agency and expansion draft were killers for this team’s Canadian depth.

There are some good people out there.

Paul Lapolice would be my first choice. HIS TALENT IS BEING WASTED ON THAT TSN PANEL

Doug Berry could turn things around.

Plus there are some good assistants that will love the HC position .

....So the napkin boy has finally shown his true colours....Bad recruiting....bad trades....depleting Canadian content...hmmmm sounds familiar...Taman finally ran out of the team that was built before he arrived....Chamblin has been no guru of the three down game either BUT I can't see the riders eating his big fat contract yet...He may be given a little time to right the ship, but as soon as other clubs get film on the new kid behind centre, it will probably go sideways again....Days are numbered for both....They could last the year BUT the natives are getting restless in Regina and a lot want something to happen NOW....We'll see... :roll:

Agreed. Lapolice did a good job in Winnipeg and was ousted there far too soon. He deserves another shot at it

and probably the most important point that I forgot to mention is PENALTIES we lead the league in them and they have either killed our drives or sustained the oppositions drives , so do we get flags thrown against us because of this fact ? or is it that our players aren't good enough so they have to resort to other tactics that result in penalties ?
this is a reflection of the Chamblin and his coaching staff .

Don't blame the Riders record on the QB injuries. They have scored 24.9 points per game, which puts them 4th. Only Hamilton (31.8), Toronto (27.7) and Edmonton (27.5) have scored more. Their problem is that the 32.1 points per game that they allow is about 5 points more than 2nd-worst Toronto.

In other words, their problem is their defence, and that unit is run by Chamblin. As a result of his inability to focus on defence, the defence has suffered, and as a result the team has suffered. Their best chance is probably to hire a new HC and keep Chamblin on as DC, the way Hamilton did with Don Sutherin a number of years ago.

But whatever they do, they'll have to rebuild the team to what it once was, and that's going to take time. That means they'll need patience, from management, players, coaches and fans. And I don't think patience is something that's abundant in that organization.

I disagree BD. Calgary, BC and Ottawa have all given up more points than they scored yet are 4-2, 3-3 and 4-2 respectively. It’s when they give up thos extra points and how many. Unlike the three I mentioned, who have a differential of less than -20, the Riders are a whopping -51. You mention the Argos but they are a +3 which helps compensate for that 2nd worst defence.

I hate to beat a dead horse but I've been saying for a while now that Chamblin was never nor will he ever be a good head coach let alone a " Great head Coach ". Let's face it a brain dead baboon could've coached that Rider team to the championship in 2013.
His winning of the COY award in 2013 for coaching a stacked team to a championship obviously went to his head and let's face one other thing here, hands up everybody that would choose Chamblin as their Head coach over the likes of Hufnagel and Austin,the two coaches that he beat out for that award ? His record for the last 16 games he's coached ? 2 wins 14 losses kind of speaks for itself. As for Taman he sold his soul to the devil for that championship 2 years ago and the team has been paying for it ever since. The sooner the team cuts ties with these two the better off they will be. The season is lost anyways so you might as well start the rebuilding process now and get a head start on next season. Just my opinion but if LaPolice is available and for the right price might just be willing to get back in the game and he is if you ask me heads and shoulders better than the poser you have as a head coach right now then sign him ASAP. At the moment I'm not too sure about a replacement for Taman but there has to be someone out there who the team can sign. Like I also said before as well...I sure hope all you Rider fans enjoyed that home town Grey Cup victory in 2013 and kudos to your organization for pulling it off but when you look at the mess your team is in now you really have to ask yourself the question.....was it worth it ?

Chamblin is a keeper - good grasp of the game , as of now injuries are the killer for the team - players are working with the resources they have , just need more savvy.

Taman - dump , Winnipeg seen it - Saskatchewan wake up , this guy will take you down a Al Ford road.

Maybe they should bring back ET, just saying.